What happened to 2013?

Posted: December 26, 2013 in General

Every year I like to look back over the year and see how I was challenged, how much I grew and the joys that the LORD blessed me with. As 2013 comes to a closing I wanted to do the same by looking into each month since I had some major life changes this year. Join me on this journey as I think you might find comfort or hope in some of the lessons that the Lord taught me.

January 2013

- Attended Passion in Atlanta with CSU Students. Every year I kind of dread going to Passion because it is a lot of details to get a large group down there and around without many complications especially since it is always right around New Years and Hotlanta is packed out with people! But every year I walk out blown away at how the Lord moves! It is easy to see how He moves in the worship gatherings and it is cool to embrace how He is stirring the student in my groups heart, but it isn’t always easy to see or accept how the Lord moves in my own heart. I would say one of the biggest take aways this year would have to be…Francis Chan said, “If you really want to experience the Lord, then go and make disciples.” We hold back because we doubt and get caught up in false things/lies. When God says that we should make disciples it means to multiply the “witnesses” Acts 1:8 says we receive the power of the Holy Spirit for the purpose of being His witness. When you multiply,  there are bonds that hold us together and provide that “safety net” or that strong foundation. The foundation = trust (Gods promises are trustworthy). Trust yields obedience and passion. Obedience yields multiplication. Louie Giglio followed that up with a statement saying, “Many times we say we are waiting on the Lord and in reality the Lord is waiting on us.” This brought conviction that I have to stop “waiting” and begin “making.”

- Chosen is a women’s conference hosted by Seacoast Church in Mt. Pleasant, SC. For me – it lands during a time when everyone is running to get back into routine for the Spring semester so attending another conference is usually far from the things I want to add to my schedule, but I am so glad I went to this year’s event. I got to hear Dr. Caroline Leaf talk about negative thoughts and how they can be renewed.

February 2013

- Every year we take a group of students to the SCBC Converge Collegiate Beach Weekend in Myrtle Beach. It is a down scaled Passion, but none the less tons of fun! By this time this is my third conference of the year… mind you four weeks into the year… so I am just going through some of the motions. I think one of the greatest things about this year was watching the CSU student group (largest we ever have taken and 2nd largest group at Converge) come together to collect almost $700 to give to Operation Baby Rescue through World Help to save a child’s life. One other thing that Matt Papa said during the time of worship that stuck with me was that “We never understand God’s grace until we see how real our sin is. We never see how real our sin is until we experience God’s glory.”

- The third annual Women’s Conference hosted by CSU happened at the end of February. Renew’s keynote speaker this year was Esther Fleece from Southern California. I found Esther Fleece through an article in Christianity Today and got a chance to briefly meet her at Passion in Atlanta. I know people think I am crazy that I find people through social media and become friends, but Esther is another one of those great relationships that I’ve been able to quickly connect and become partners in ministry and life. Esther has a huge network, but most importantly she has a huge heart for Jesus. This day was such a highlight because the decorations were off the charts by Abby, worship was indescribable by Kristen, the message was timely by Esther, the breakouts were challenging and practical with people like Becky, Ashley, Dr. K, and others. I pray for the planning and efforts for next year’s Renew Conference as it continues without me.

March 2013

- I went to California for the first time with the CSU Softball team during Spring Break. I’ve never been to Cali, but it was quite the adventure as I was driving a 15 passenger van in Los Angeles during rush hour (by the way all day is rush hour)! I got to see my long time friend from CSU, Ashley, while I was hanging out on the scheduled off day. Her and her family took me to the beach to put my feet in the Pacific Ocean! I also went looking for the HOLLYWOOD sign with Marcus and KB. Yeahhhhhhhh – we did find it but after an hour of looking up every street for it. The softball games were not ideal outcomes, but we did find where Hugh lives none the less. Overall – successful trip to California.

- I got to serve the other half of my Spring Break with the mission team in Orlando, Florida working with FBC Orlando prepping some homes they were working on as a Phase II housing complex for those coming out of the Rescue Mission Shelter. We also served at the Rescue Mission before taking a break at Islands of Adventures! By the end of this week I was exhausted from flying from Charleston ->Houston -> LAX -> Chicago ->Charleston and then Charleston -> Baltimore -> Orlando then driving from Orlando to Charleston! Whew! But it was a good time to be with some of the best people in the world!

- My best friend, Solmaz, moved back to Charleston, SC in March and I was reunited with her! Plus, I got to meet my new baby niece, Avery Sahel, for the first time and I must admit that she fell in love with me instantly as I did with her!

April 2013

- I  adopted a puppy, named him Lucas (One Tree Hill inspired), went through the process of potty training him. This was quite the adventure, but thanks to Kadie for being such a trooper to help me with Lucas when I had to make an emergency trip home to help with my Granny who has just been attacked by a dog in her neighborhood. If you ever want to know what having a kid is like – adopted a puppy!

- The end of the month marked one year living in my house. The neighborhood was almost fully developed. I had two roommates, Kadie and Hannah.

May 2013

- Learned what the apostle Paul meant in Philippians when he talked  about “the peace that surpasses all understanding…” I have never experienced the peace of God like I did during the first week of May when Corey called me to ask about a job opportunity. Then to have my Granny and my Aunt and my best friend/mentor, Jon, all agree that I needed to walk through the open door, it only affirmed the peace I already had in my heart. Jon was preaching one Sunday a couple of years ago and he made the comment that “Peace overrides logic” and ever since then I have tried to take that in to consideration when I have been at a point to make life changing decisions. This for sure was a life changing decision and I needed that kind of peace. The logic in my head was not enough to make me walk through the wide open door. I had a house, my best friend had just moved back, I had my handful of senior girls to tend to, my Granny needed more attention with her recent accident, and the list could go on.

- So I interviewed and accepted a new job in Rome, Georgia! About that peace… I was walking around the campus praying as I waited for the interview with the President of the University and my prayers began to shift from me to how the Lord would provide for those who were currently leaning on me. PEACE.

June 2013

- Went to my first Roller Derby Game to see one of my college buddies, Leslie, play with her team. What a fun time! I got to experience it with my friend Faith and her boyfriend (now Fiancé), Alex. That is one rough sport and so crazy to see Leslie so competitive. She’s a beast people!

- At the end of June I closed the door to a job I had been doing for the last ten years at CSU to move to the new chapter in my journey. Those thirty days we busy trying to leave a platform and pathway for the person following me. Those days were exciting to think of new things to come. Those days were hard because this was a place full of comfort and challenges and reward. I had been there for literally half of my life. But those days went quickly and the door closed. I honestly thought I would be freaking out and it was definitely hectic, but that overwhelming peace came back over me. I know it sounds crazy and maybe even too good to be true, but once you ever get to this position then you will understand.

July 2013

July 1st I started my new job as Assistant Dean of Students at Shorter University in Rome, Georgia. I jumped right in and began to work hard from day one. It was a crazy month, but fun meeting new people and organizing new projects like Hawk Orientation, Camp Hawk, Residence Life, etc.

August 2013

- The stress level went through the roof during the month of August, but the Lord was faithful to allow me the energy, patience and grace to make it through this month. I started to lean on new friendships at work to give me encouragement to survive the long days.

September 2013

- September was probably the hardest month of my life – having to adjust to new relationships and learning to balance the ones from Charleston. After my first visit back to Charleston, after so many tears, it was not easy to leaving to drive back to Rome. I was hurt and mad that I had to leave. Everyone said, “time will make that easier.” Now I didn’t feel like I was holding back in Rome, because I wasn’t sitting around doing nothing, but my heart was still committed in every way to those in Charleston.

October 2013

- Attended Homecoming at CSU for the first time as just an Alum. It was fun to not be running from one side of campus to the other with a camera in one hand and an iPhone in the other hand. Now, I did have my iPhone in one hand for the purpose of taking some pics of me and some old friends!

- Got to baptize one of the CSU Volleyball team members, Carley, during my visit to Charleston. This was one of the best highlights of my year because of the investment that I have been able to make into her life and walk with the Lord. What an honor that the Lord Jesus would allow me the privilege to see fruits of my labor and to sense the sweet aroma of Jesus in her life as she walks in obedience to bring GLORY to His Name and make Him famous.

November 2013

- Got to witness (and shoot photos of) my best buddy, Trey, get married to his best friend. I am glad I could be there with him especially because I know he was in love and happy!

- Everyone gives me a hard time for listening to Christmas music so early and decorating for the holidays. So in efforts to appease those haters I did the 30 Days of Thankfulness on instagram. The Lord has been so faithful to bring joy and PEACE to my heart during such a busy and stressful time of the year. I challenge you to try that next year – think of something from that day or just something in general that you are thankful for. (i.e.: people, places, events, things, scripture promises, etc)

December 2013

- Standing firm on the Word has been essential this month. I have truly had to hide the Word of the Lord in my heart as I have reflected and walked forward. During a time when emotions are high and stress levels are rising – you must balance yourself on a solid Rock, Jesus! Since Christmas is about the Birth of Jesus Christ – let him be your balance beam during this coming year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I’m Back

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So after a long break I have decided I should probably come back to the bloggin world simply to share some thoughts, photos and life experiences. I hope you will follow me in my journeys.

Possible topics or themes? If you want to see something specific let me know below with a comment.

Can’t believe I am saying this, but I am moving. I am headed to ROME.

The Lord has opened the next gate on my pathway and it leads to Rome, Georgia. I am going to be taking a huge opportunity to fill the position of Assistant Dean of Students. I am going to be working with and for my best friend and I am going to be making a huge move to do what I enjoy doing.

Is there even a downfall to this job? No! But there is a consequence that comes with taking this leap of faith. And that is leaving all of my family, friends and my little sisters.

I am a Buc and I will always be a BUCCANEER! That’s in my blood and no one can take that away.

Until my heart is ready to process more…


Wednesday Wish List

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Today I’ve had a good day, but it has had some down moments. Things that I wished for throughout this day…

  • I wish I didn’t have to get out of bed yet.
  • I wish Joe didn’t have to leave today.
  • I wish that my stomach would stop hurting.
  • I wish I could get something done. 
  • I wish that my Lady Bucs could get a win (or two). 
  • I wish I knew how to love people well.
  • I wish I could just got home and lay on the couch and watch One Tree Hill all night.
  • I wish I had a boberry biscuit.

What have you wished for today? Have you every tracked it to see how many of those wishes actually came true? Start wishin’ now…

‘Round the Corner

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What does that mean?

1. 40 hour work weeks!

2. Lots of TV time!

3. Beach days!

4. Summer Bucket List!

5. Regroup!

Babble Scrabble

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Have you ever been reading or playing a game to discover a word that you might have heard or seen before but you didn’t know the meaning of the word? This week the word ‘undaunted’ came up and I finally stopped to look into the meaning and usage of this word. 

I am doing a bible study on the book Undaunted by Christine Caine. Then take in different book, Love Does, by Bob Goff the story being told mentioned the character’s undaunted behavior. 

So what does ‘undaunted’ mean?

Well Google definition says the word is an adjective defined as “Not intimidated or discouraged by difficulty, danger or disappointment.” 

Christine Caine’s book is Undaunted: Daring to Do What God is Calling You to Do. How many people are willing to just walk straight in to what God has in store for them without fear? She uses her story to show how the healing in her life allowed her to overcome the fear that she was unequipped and unwanted. 

What causes you to be intimidated? I know for me it is other people who are better at communicating. Intimidated that I don’t know everything I might need to know. Discouraged that not a lot of people showed up to an event. Scared of someone because they are popular and they might reject me. Wanting to be cool in everyone’s eyes. 

How many of those things are true? More than likely none of them are or should be real fears in my life. How do you overcome them? I think the answer is to increase your faith. Well then again I am one of those logical reasoners so my question then becomes – ok, how do I increase my faith?  Well, I believe it begins when you read the Bible searching for TRUTH. 

I like what Francis Chan says in the ‘How To Use This Book’ of Multiply. He says,”Studying the Bible is important, but the goal is never knowledge for the sake of knowledge.” He continues on to say, “You should be looking to change. Being a disciple of Jesus means that we are being transformed into His image.” Caine’s book begins with Psalm 139 about being ‘fearfully and wonderfully made…’ now just a fact, but a promise! That is what increases our faith…when we begin to believe what we know to be truth! 

Lord, I want to walk through life UNDAUNTED for the sake of your Kingdom and your GLORY! 

Melody Monday

Posted: January 21, 2013 in General

One of the things that I always get hung up on while planning the Elevate service order is how to make the transitions seamless and smooth. One suggestion that Matt Papa shared was when you don’t know what to say always revert back to reading scripture because scripture holds a message and tunes people’s hearts towards Him.

But another thing that usually draws people in are personal stories. I believe that some times when the Lord uses a song (melody) to capture your heart and teach you, encourage you, love you then you have to share that with others. One song that has been teaching me this week is Holy Spirit by Jesus Culture.

The chorus says, “Holy Spirit You are welcome here
Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere
Your Glory God is what our hearts long for
To be overcome by Your Presence Lord”

The bridge goes on to say, ” Let us become more aware of Your Presence
Let us experience the Glory of Your Goodness”

That has been what I have been trying to understand and cling to over the last couple of weeks is that I would live in such a way that I would plead for the Holy Spirit to come into this place. The place being my heart and my life. There are times when I’ve felt like I’ve stretched to say that the Holy Spirit was in something but I know that it was a lie. Because the times when the Holy Spirit was dwelling in the things I was doing (or joining) there was without a doubt a peace.

My prayer has become the two lines of the Bridge…Let me become more aware of your presence!

How about you? Do you have times when there was an overwhelming experience of the Holy Spirit’s presence?