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Going BLUE!

Posted: February 4, 2009 in General

Some of you might have heard already about GO BLUE. Heck some of you might have already scored some FLAIR for your bookbag! Even some of you might have been to the basketball games to get a free Go Blue Saber or Go Blue Tshirt! That’s awesome! I’m stoked to know people are getting on-board! The only thing is that I’m not so sure people know what in the world the GO BLUE is all about!

Here is the history:
One January day in the year 2009 this girl named T-Boz was coming up with some new and fun activities to plan for the campus of ChuckSoU! She had one of those light bulbs go off in her head that said what if a bunch of students showed up to one of the doubleheader basketball games and wore ALL blue! Well, we named that night DO BLUE! When is discussion at the Buc’s Round Table, majority vote said to call it Go Blue and from there the whole idea started! A campaign to get people to GO BLUE by wearing blue, thinking blue, cheering blue and simply existing as BLUE! Still you may be asking me what the truly means, huh? We’re trying to kindle a FIRE of SPIRIT for the BUCCANEERS through every activity and ministry we do!

1. I choose certain events to make them GO BLUE events. This means there is some kind of giveaway or just a huge event that we don’t want you to miss (and you probably would regret missing it)!

2. Those who have received GO BLUE flair (a.k.a. BUTTONS) – wear them every where you go on-campus! There is a new BLUE PATROL going around looking for you! No, its not to charge you a fine or reprimand you! We want to REWARD you for catching the SPIRIT!

3. Join the GO BLUE Facebook group TODAY to stay in the loop!