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Baby Michaiah!

Posted: June 9, 2009 in General
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I got to babysit for Aaron and Lyndsey the other night. I took advantage of the opportunity and shot some quick photos while Michaiah was awake and happy! Check him out – soooooo precious!

‘Til next time…


I told Clair earlier that I needed to be productive tonight when I got off work. Let’s see does working out for an hour, grocery shopping, putting away the groceries, doing two loads of laundry, cooking dinner (and eating it), looking through old photo albums, and making boiled peanuts sound productive to you? Man I am tired of typing already. HAHA!

I have some things I have been thinking about lately. I have contemplated if I should share them. Since I think by making list I will follow my comfort and do the same here. Or in Baptist terms – a three point sermon works too!

1. Beautiful…because I am GOD’S! For the longest time I have always been so concerned with the outward beauty of myself and surrounding myself with pretty people. It has taken me a long time to get to a point where I took time and even opened my heart to see myself in light of the image I was created in. Does it not blow your mind that while you were in your mother’s womb He formed you,  before you were born Christ knew you, and he knows every intricate part of your life even how many hairs are on your head? How about that He knows your every thought, but still asks for you to come before the Lord with your requests.  (off target!) I have always heard people talk about how the guy who comes along should make you feel special and feel beautiful. I have never really felt that when I was around any one. Some how the Lord has opened my eyes and heart to see and feel this beauty through several really good guy friends. I don’t know how to really articulate it, but I know that the beauty of your character is what drives another person to express that to you. Guys like Corey and Joshua and Justin and Michael have made me realize the image I am truly representing.

2. Why do we leave God out? I was thinking about that after Clark came home from that Collegiate conference in TN back in May. He shared some points made by David Platt about how we’re all focused on the production that we forget to incorporate or acknowledge Christ in the matter. Why do we do that? How do we bring Him back to the center of everything we do? I believe we have to stay in constant prayer and deep rooted in the Word of GOD! As I begin a new year I want to keep that in mind and attempt to be more intentional in living out scripture.

3. I always said I was not a fighter. I read some blog updates by a friend of mine who just found out that she has breast cancer. Check out her blog It might bring some tears out of you, but its also going to make you want to pick up some pink boxing gloves and enter the fight! I want to be a fighter like her. To know that she has breast cancer, but it does NOT have her. I want to know that I would have that much drive to fight off a disease like cancer or fight for the love of my life.

Do you have any thoughts or comments or suggestions to add? Please do!