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So the last month of Summer flew by and held many things I was not expecting. Many of the unexpected things that came my way were not warmly received by me so it made those days seem to disappear knowing that there was much to be done before the kick-off of a new year at CSU. The process that took place just hit at a bad time for me, but I believe in God’s timing it was perfect because He was trying to teach me something. I have not learned the whole thing yet, but I am waiting to see what all He was trying to teach me! I believe that Satan used the lack of communication among me and my superiors to break down my trust and value, and the Lord used people’s humility to build me back up.

Going in to the Freshman Move-in day I was not sure we were ready for that day to be there, but there was no turning back. At this point Clark was in the Dean of Student position and the Campus Minister was yet to be announced. There were moments when it didn’t seem to matter that there wasn’t anyone in that position and then at other times I was frustrated to be carrying the weight on my shoulders. As of last Thursday, it was officially announced that Jon is the new Campus Minister.

Here is the best part of this… DESPITE US…yes, DESPITE us…God showed up and showed out! We had three nights of Grace Awakening. During that time we had 4 salvations, 20+ rededication’s, and 40+ cards from people. We had the opportunity to baptize over 45 people in the CSU Pool. The first week at Elevate we had about 300 people and they were all pumped about worshiping Jesus and Serving in the name of Jesus Christ. Jon shared a message about how we are the Body of Christ must leave each other and serve each other right at our dinner table before we can go outside to the non-believers. The important part is that we MUST get outside of our walls.

Summer is gone and the Fall semester is here…


I’ve not been bloggin’ lately because I have not been quite sure what to talk about. I have been going, seeing and doing. I have been having lots of fun and many down moments alike. Work was going steady before but it’s almost in super speed now as we race against the clocks to meet deadlines on paper and in our hearts.

So I guess to stay true to the theme of Manic Monday I guess it would be silly for me to not talk about that, huh?

What has been so manic about this Monday?

Well most days (especially Mondays) I walk in and sit down to make a to-do list for the day and some times the week. This is what it looked like today.

Keep in mind I have a meeting this Thursday which is when most of these things have to be done or reported on! YIKES. So in effort to complete these in a timely manner my boss shut my office door and put this note on the door. :)

I worked straight through the normal lunch hour and then realized I was getting hungry because it was 1:30 p.m. Whoops! But good thing is that many of the loose ends are getting tightened and some of the projects are beginning very smoothly.

Want a taste…?

Aside from the projects happening in the office with the inspiration of Pandora Radio or Hulu, I have a mind that is running 85 mph. I am thinking about my Birthday weekend what I am planning to do for that. I think my parents might be coming down for the night to celebrate. I have a meeting this Saturday with the Creative Team from church. Do I really have time to go to Mt. Pleasant Friday morning to support the Summit Praise Band on His Radio? I need to get my workout in. How about when am I hanging out with the girls? Excited because Ashley comes back on Sunday which means I’ve got to get things in order to free up time for the Riverdogs game. Oh and wait what about the summer goals I set like walking the bridge? And will I ever get a date. Man! I need to eat better.  Dang, Bachelorette comes on in just a few minutes and I am still sitting in my office writing this. Ha! Those are just a few of the thoughts running through my head on this Manic Monday.

Today’s top ten list is a spin off from tonight at Elevate when we used play doh to make a design for a prize. So we will stick with Things to make with Playdoh as the subject of the Top Ten List.

10. Food










9.  Cars/Trucks/Bikes

8. Science Project (ie: volcano)

7. A Playdoh movie

6. Animals

5. Family of people

4. Words

3. Jewelry

2. Cross

1. Mr. Potato Head

10. OFfice staff Christmas Party with Sanno’s Japanese food on December 1st.

9. Christmas Elevate with Christmas songs and Hot Chocolate on December 2nd.

8. Becky’s Surprise Bday Party at Mari’s back yard on Dec. 4th.

7. Fonduely Yours with the girls (PT, Nettie and CBL) on Dec. 6th.

6. Dinner with Savvy on Dec. 7th.

5. The Totally Non-Awkward Party at Mari and Ben’s house on Dec. 8th.

4. Dress Rehearsal Party for Mari and Ben on Dec. 9th.

3. Last day of work on December 10th in 2010!

2. Maribeth’s Wedding on December 10th

1. Set sail on the ocean blue on the Carnival Cruise!!!!

Looking to make a difference? Here are some simple ways to start making a difference…

1. Buy some TOMS shoes. Sure they might look weird and might be a little beyond your style, but what is better than having a comfortable pair of shoes knowing a little kid is getting a pair of shoes that will prevent them from possibly dying. How can you do that? Go to and browse through the options! When you go to check out online be sure to entere the promo code: CAMPUSCSU to get $5 off. You can also visit Phillips Shoes (downtown on King St), Charleston Water Sports (Mt. Pleasant) or Half Moon Outfitters (Downtown on King St).

It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

2. We’ve got a Dig for the Cure night happening at the Volleyball Game on October 26th at 7 p.m. versus College of Charleston. The clubs on-campus will be having an ice cream eating contest during halftime. Give your pennies to vote on who you think will win the contest. All change will be given towards the money raised for Breast Cancer Research.

3. On October 19th from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. in front of the CAF come out and join in the PINK Tie Dye Party. It is $10 to tie dye a shirt that we would like for everyone to wear to the game on October 26th. Those who have on this Tie Dye shirt will get to sit in VIP seating at the game. All $10 will go straight to Breast Cancer Research.

4. Even beyond the month of October there is a local organization that is raising awareness and funds for Breast Cancer research. A friend of mine, Leslie Moore, helped to found Warriors Wear Pink and not they are trying to give, encourage and change the lives of “warriors” in the Lowcountry! The money they make: “10% of all profits from Warriors Wear Pink merchandise and events go directly to local families affected by breast cancer, here in the Low Country. This 10% goes towards our Warriors Wear Pink Foundation to provide childcare, medication, transportation, financial assistance and physical and emotional support for all new warriors.” Check them out at

Support a Club…

5. The Athletic Trainers are selling tshirts for $10. They are REAL fresh. They come in hot pink, neon yellow, lime green and grey. The best part — on the back it says FEAR THE BUCCANEER!  They are raising money to go to a convention for Athletic Training!

6. Buy an Elevate tshirt for $10 and you choose one of the 12 ministry/service partnerships that $4 will go to. Find out more about these 12 ministries by stopping by the Campus Ministries  office in the Brewer Center OR at the GO CENTER following Elevate on Thursdays at 8 p.m. in the CAF.

You choose…

7. The IMB is working on getting the names of unreached people groups out to people around the world. They are asking people to journal through the process of impacting one of these people groups. They 6 steps are: find out who they are, find out where they are, pray for them, give for them, go to them, share His hope with them. If you choose to take this challenge you can simply go to

8. Want to give to someone like you’ve been given? I don’t mean tangible gifts or activities. I am talking about teaching someone character, morals, standards and methods to develop those. Become a mentor! Take someone younger than you under your wings and help them along the way. For more information click here.

Feel good about yourself…

9. Go through your closet and dresser drawers to find clothes that you no longer choose to wear, put them in a bag/box and take them to the Goodwill Drop-off.

10. Make a list of ten Random Acts of Kindness and take the challenge to complete them before Thanksgiving!



So summer has been slack for blogging – surprise surprise!

What better to do for Top Ten Thursday than to talk about the Top Ten Exciting things about to happen at CSU!

10. FallFest at the  Fieldhouse lawn with music, food, and fun times!

9. Softball on the Diamond starting in February 2011.

8. A new chapel experience!

7. Great ways to get involved with community service through the Go Center (elevate) and Catalyst!

6. New freshman class (of 2014)

5. Elevate Series (What’s Love Gotta Do With It?, Love Stories, Compelling Love, BIG LOVE)

4. Women’s Soccer games (kick-off on August 23)

3. Love Awakening Festival on August 22-24 at 7:30 p.m. in the Chapel

2. Volleyball Games (kick-off on August 31)

1. Another year as a Buccaneer!

See you guys in a little over a week!

HUB weekend

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This weekend we took 9 student leaders and 3 staff members to White Oak for the HUB weekend retreat that the SC Baptist Convention sponsored. We headed out an hour later than we had hoped…surprise! We got caught in traffic so we ended up Chickfila for dinner because we would not be able to make it to dinner at the conference center. YUM! Once we got there we went in to a worship service with the other campuses and afterwards there we’re break out groups.

I led a breakout session on cultivating a life of intercessory prayer. I had 35 students from across the state that were there to hear more about ways to intercede for their friends, campus and others.

What is intercessory prayer?

When you go before the Lord on behalf of someone else and pray for them. Best described as “standing in the gap” as we read about in Ezekiel 2. We can pray for people’s salvation, needs, protection, growth, etc. Most times you will be burdened by the Holy Spirit to commit to praying for leaders, friends, family, afflicted and even your enemies.

Why is intercessory prayer important?

Jesus calls us to pray for others. We see our best example in his prayer life as he prayed for the disciples and then even praying up until His crucifixion on the cross when he said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” We also see that examples in Daniel (ch 9), Moses (exodus and numbers), Paul (colossians and philippians) and James (ch 5). The more we pray for others the more our hearts are filled with love for others.

How do I do it?

This is all based on how the Spirit leads you and how you best remember to pray for people. The key to this is developing the discipline to intercede for people. To develop a discipline you have to choose specific people, place, time and needs then do it at every scheduled time. It is like working out your muscles…the more you do it the stronger it gets. I typically pray for others in the morning while I am getting ready for work. I make a chart with 4-5 people’s photo on each day of the week. I commit to praying for them every week on that day. Another friend of mine goes through their cell phone contact list and each week of the year would take the first person and call them for prayer requests then would dedicate that week to praying for them. There is no formula to praying for people. The important thing is that when you’re burdened to pray that you do it – this is your act of obedience unto the Lord.

This is just a quick overview of what I shared.

The rest of the weekend was more worship and a prayer walk through the classrooms that were set up displaying information, prayer requests, leaders, and more so that other campuses could learn about their campus(es) and pray over them. It was a really neat experience. I went in to one room and I could just feel the Holy Spirit moving. I don’t know if I have ever felt that before over people who I do not know anything about. I hope to continue praying for Spartanburg/Upstate campuses as they beg the Lord to raise up more workers!

CSU did have a time of planning so we began that process for the coming year. Just when you think a time like this could make it so simple to accomplish because the environment is structure to help you succeed in that..we are still in a place when the vision is having to be stated and re-casted over and over.

Aside from the moments when we felt like we might have come to a stand still on our planning I am still excited about what God is going to do in and through our student leaders (and myself) in the coming year. I really want to commit more time in prayer to what God would have for CSU in this coming year.

Ways you can intercede for us:

1. Pray for our leadership to rise up to see the vision, catch the vision and live out the vision.

2. Pray for God’s will to be done in all of the planning and services.

3. Pray for all glory to go to God…for He alone deserves it.

4. Pray for hearts to be mended and united.

5. Pray for resources and creative ideas to come to fruition.

Elevate will kick off this coming week and I am excited to see what the Lord is going to do through some of our topical series. The first four weeks we will be talking about Jesus versus…

Week 1 – Jesus versus Idols

Week 2 – Jesus versus World Religions

Week 3 – Jesus versus Satan

Week 4 – Jesus versus Religious Leaders

I’m stoked about learning more about how Jesus is victorious against all of these oppositions. I am also stoked about people coming to the service station afterwards to go through some of the resources and interactive activities.

As the weeks progress I will post some highlights and photos.

It has been a long while since I have really sat down and written a blog. Tonight I am taking the time to spit out some of the things that have been going on in the past couple of weeks for you guys, and after this I plan on writing a letter to my little Compassion child, Jhonatan!


Lately, I have been extremely busy with so much happening at work that I have some what pushed everything else to the side. Nope, that is not right nor is it fair to my family or friends who have to suffer from my lack of concern. (If you are one of those people, please forgive me!) I just have to let all of the girls out there that I love you and I really do want to know you and serve you and love you! Some times in this journey of learning more about ministry I feel like I am missing the BIG PICTURE! The big picture is that God is good, just, compassionate, and unconditional!  I have been reading more in the Bible, Forgotten God (F. Chan) and 50 Reasons Jesus Came to Die (J.Piper). They have been knocking me down and punching me in the face with the fact that I don’t know nearly enough about the goodness of the Lord or HIS Word. I have been missing the big picture. Tonight, I was talking to my mentor about how I have been staying overwhelmed and feeling completely ineffective. As always, she knows just the right things to say in such a GOD timing way, if that makes sense. During those weak moments I am most vulnerable to the devil creeping in and taking captive my thoughts and actions. Luckily, God has been merciful towards me and used my self-righteous and lazy efforts to reach out further than I could ever imagine. Definitely a humbling experience, but I am thankful for it! (Maybe not now in this moment, but I know I am going to be!) I’ve been missing the big picture. Are you?


Last week at CSU we had all of the Homecoming festivities. I had a blast hanging out with students and supporting the different clubs and groups. Some of the highlights…

  • Lauren beat out everyone in the Hot Wings Eating Contest in the CAF with 35 wings in a six minute time span!
  • FallFest turned out to be a great evening of fellowship and music. The Elevate band did an excellent job leading. The Pep Rally went over very well and the bonfire was OUTSTANDING (thanks to REZ LIFE)!
  • Friday night after the Movie Night there was a RAVE in Quad 3. At first, I was thinking this was going to be a bust but then when I showed up and had a little bit of encouragement I jumped right in the middle. Eventually, I made my way in with some water bottles to cool everyone off. :)
  • Saturday was so encouraging because I had people telling me that they felt like they went to a real school with all of the people, excitement, and activities. Bucky made his appearance! Katie Tull (WBB) won Homecoming Queen.



Tuesday night the Women’s Volleyball team head a fundraiser and night dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness and Research. Just stating the facts… The Lady Bucs WHOOPED up on Coastal! The crowd was AMAZING! There was PINK everywhere! A.Hill got back on her A game and Nichole and Sam’s seniority shined during that match! (More pics can be seen on Facebook.)



Today we had some awesome time with Tim Elmore, CEO of Growing Leaders, come speak at our Convocation. He talked about how at some point in your life you have to make a conscience decision to move from the passenger seat to the driver seat. He used an example from 2 Samuel 11 when David slept with Bathsheba. He went from being a driver in the first part of his life to being a passenger. Tim shared 4 ways you know you’re slipping from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat: (1) drift from the discipline we demand of others, (2) Believing others owe us whatever use we can make of them, (3)Attempting fix things up rather than make things right, and (4) Refusing to accept that we could be blindly out of God’s will.

The other thing that really stood out to me was he shared one of the Habitudes with the Student Leaders called Big Rocks First. This principle is that you put in the big rocks in your life first then fill in around those. The big rocks are the things in your life that are HIGH priority. He said, “the issue is not scheduling priorities but rather prioritizing your schedule.”

Then he challenged us to take a self-examination of why we felt like people followed us. Here is a list that I would challenge you to use as a tool to self-examine yourself too!  He said figure out how YOU do it and do it THAT way!

  1. insight and knowledge
  2. relationships
  3. sacrifice
  4. character
  5. abilities
  6. passion
  7. humility


I have been so excited about Tara Leigh Cobble ever since I discovered her through Twitter a year ago. I have been following her and even told Clark a while back that I wish I just thought like her half the time! We ended up booking her to come to CSU and I got her book, Here’s to Hindsight. Mind you, I read this book in one day while sitting in the airport. I could not put it down because I was amazed that she was dealing with the same heart issues that I was and am struggling with! Anywho – She came to CSU today and I became an even greater fan! I will def. post some pics from lunch tomorrow and Elevate! :)  Follow her on twitter (