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Last weekend a few of the girls went down to the beach for the day and then ended the awesome day at a new restaurant in Mt. Pleasant called Page’s Okra Grill. Now the thought of Okra did not appeal to me so I was not too sure I would like the options, but I googled the menu so that the girls could make a decision to go or continue searching for another uncharted place. 

Needless to say, the menu options covered a wide variety of foods that would please each one of us so we set out to the Okra Grill after freshening up from the all-day beach adventure. I fell in love with Page’s Okra Grill from the first second I set foot in the door. It was a busy little joint, but such a hometown diner kind of feel to it. 

We got to sit at the Kitchen counter where all the action was taking place. We got to watch all of the hustle and go of the kitchen/waitstaff. Of course, we also got a preview of all of the menu options first hand as they left the service window to be delivered hot and ready to each table. 

The Menu: Covered by Lowcountry flavored entrees and sides your appetite will be fulfilled. From appetizers to entrees to desserts you will not be disappointed. 

The Environment: Hometown family feel. Definitely suggest sitting at the Kitchen Counter if you can! 

The Staff: Chase, manager, is a fun guy. Alban is probably the best server you could have…from South Africa. 

The Overall Rating: A, hope to test out the breakfast menu some time soon and definitely will be visiting the Okra Grill again!


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Over the weekend my mom and her best friend came in to town to visit me for my birthday. I have been wanting to go on the Dinner Cruise that leaves out of Patriot’s Point  so we went out on the Harbor for the evening. I purchased tickets online for Friday night and off we went.

We were seated at a 4 person table by ourselves. If you have fewer people you could potentially be sat with other people on the cruise. Or you could pay an upgrade charge to have a table for two. I would recommend if you’re just going with a date that you pay the extra fee for the privacy, the view AND it includes your dessert. :)

The Food was exceptional. They start you off with She Crab soup, Salad and then you have a choice between several entrees. Throughout the cruise and the courses of the meal you’re able to roam about the boat and view the sights along the harbor (i.e. the bridge, the battery, Fort Sumter).

The evening was a blast!

I would recommend it for any special occasion!

The only natural thing to blog about tonight would be The Season Premiere of The Bachelorette with Ashley H and Chris Harrison. What a great night it was to be back over at Heather and Michael’s house with lots of good foods and some major laughs tonight. Although I felt like there were more moments of ‘gasps!’ and ‘what!?s’ than ever before on the season opener.

We tweeted a pic of our party to Chris Harrison and got RT by him. So fun!

How about South Carolina representing at the Bachelorette premiere!?! Ok I see you WEST. I loved the broken compass stuck on WEST. Whenever she is looking for love it will always lead her WEST! hahaha

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Then there was Bentley. I love the DRAMA but I am not sure I can handle his jerk comments. I am like her though because I find myself giving him a second look because he is attractive. Why do we do that?

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If you’re a Bachelor/ette fan please follow along and put in your two cents worth! Here’s to a fun summer of the Bachelorette!

Today’s top ten list is a spin off from tonight at Elevate when we used play doh to make a design for a prize. So we will stick with Things to make with Playdoh as the subject of the Top Ten List.

10. Food










9.  Cars/Trucks/Bikes

8. Science Project (ie: volcano)

7. A Playdoh movie

6. Animals

5. Family of people

4. Words

3. Jewelry

2. Cross

1. Mr. Potato Head

In the next month, I hope to do the following TEN things…

1. Go to Cupcake (downtown).

2. Finish my TEN Random Acts of Kindness.

3. Paint a picture

4. Sit in Barnes and Noble and read some magazines.

5. Get some crab dip from RED’s ICEHOUSE.

6. Go see a movie in the theater.

7. Walk on the beach with the family

8. Get a Rocky Road Milkshake from Ye Ole Fashion

9. Take a boat out  into the Harbor (maybe the Charleston Thriller?)

10. Watch the Sunset from the beach/harbor