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So for the longest time I have been looking forward to my “golden” birthday. They say that your golden birthday is when you turn the age of the day of the month. So for me it is 31 on the 31st. I lucked out to have one so late in life that I could do something fun. Unfortunately, I did not really think about anything radical for my golden birthday so I’ve come up with a list of 31 things I would like to do during my birthday week…yes I celebrate for AT LEAST a week. :)

31 Things for 31 years! (I might start this as a new tradition beyond the golden year.)

1. Take the day off

2. Lunch with Jessie

3. Walk the Bridge

4. Watch the sunrise

5. Spend the day at the beach

6. Build a sandcastle

7. Get froyo with Mel

8. Lunch with Mrs. Connie

9. Skype with Solmaz & Jameson

10. Dinner on my birthday with friends

11. Head out to Red’s for “dessert.”

12. Wash/Clean car

13. Dinner w/ Marci, Mrs. Ramona and Coach

14. Get Sonic Happy Hour w/ Rachel

15. Hang out w/ Faith

16. Get a cupcake from CUPCAKE

17. Get breakfast at Chickfila

18. Paint my toes

19. Take a nap

20. Go swimming

21. Get Jersey Mike’s for lunch

22. Free BIRTHDAY Starbucks drink on Tuesday

23. Sleep in on Tuesday

24. Go to Baskin Robins 31 flavors

25. Madea movie marathon

26. Game night with PT, Eli, Kadie, etc

27. Hang out with Bethany

28. Make 1 Pinterest project

29. Send letter to 3 people who have impacted my life

30. Go to bed early one night

31. Make a bucket list for the next year

Hope to have some pictures to share with you at the end of the week.

This edition of Top Ten Thursday will be dedicated to Julie (aka PT) and Eli (aka #mainattraction) since they are getting married this weekend. These are ten memories that I have with my two precious friends.

10. Eli on the FCA Crunk Video – “Jesus is my dawg!”

9. Looking for an apartment together and the number one priority was the swimming pool. We ended up in Ingleside with the pool paradise. Thank goodness because she would have been miserable otherwise. (NOTE: If you need to take a lesson in priorities just talk to PT! ;-))

8. The summer that we became sisters with Pt, Shelly and Nettie. We had many a night of laughing, talking and non-sense. Especially if the other sisters joined us.

7. Spending time with Eli praying and talking about ministry. Every time I sit and talk to him I always leave encouraged and charged up ready to go to work. The Lord has changed Eli and has been using him inexpressible ways.

6. Baltimore Mission Trips. First year to Baltimore I remember when Eli and some of the guys were convinced they needed to go out at midnight to talk to the homeless men. Then a different kind of memory comes from the third year when PT rode up with us. Roadtrips with PT are always fun and laugh-filled!

5. There are so many other moments with PT that come to mind – Glamor shots, decorating for Christmas on her bday (Nov 4), garbage disposal parties, the junk in her car, yard sale materials, TONYYYYYY!, vacations, etc.

4. The day I walked in the apartment and Nae and PT were making a music video to “Don’t Be Tardy for the Party!”  I wish I could find the link to this.

3. Cruising 2010! That was fun when we went to the Bahamas and Key West. We have memories of packing and planning the trip. All of the surprise guests that we picked up as we loaded the boat. The shows, food and sights! And who could forget the Magician, Mushir Alam. I’d Rather Be Cruisin’!

2. Easter 2011! This was the week of parties at the Hamptons! And the beginning of #mainattraction! We played a lot of sequence and milk pong!

1. Living with PT for two years was a blast. I never knew what I would walk into, but those days, months, years were probably the best time for me to grow even more out of my shell. I think it also was a gift from the Lord for us to grow closer to him through worship in spirit and truth. We had some great talks, learning experiences and laughs.

Even though these we not taken on Tuesday I felt they were worthy of posting today! :) It has been around 3 years since I have seen my old roommate Jenn and about 6 months since I had seen my old friend Tiff. They both graduated from CSU and played Softball here while attending. I got a chance during their reunion to catch up and have lunch with them. So thankful to call them friends and know them from so long ago!

Merry Christmas friends!

I got the privilege to shoot engagement pictures for my friends Sam and Fred. They have been dating for a long time and I’ve watched their relationship over the years. I am excited to also be able to shoot their wedding in May 2012. Hope you enjoy!



I know some people get so involved in supporting teams and become hard core fans of sports as if they are best friends with the players and coaches. They act like they know every thing going on in each of their lives and how the team is ran play by play. I find myself getting a little annoyed by people like that. Now, I realize that Charleston Southern University is not a major University and probably not on the radar for many in the United States. I also am the first to say that we do not have the largest fan base even for the surrounding area and directly related individuals who are affiliated with CSU. But I think one of the coolest things is knowing the players personally! 

So recently I became “friend official” with one of the star athletes at CSU. Kelvin Martin is a senior on the Men’s Basketball team at CSU. Kelvin, aka K-Mart, has always been one of my followers on Twitter and Facebook, but not until recently had we actually known each other outside of Social Networking. Below is a picture of us together…


Since that night it has made watching the game more interesting and meaningful. He knows I am there to support and be proud of him and I know that he recognizes when I am there. To me it just makes the game more appealing and eternal to know I have invested in a worthwhile relationship that the Lord might one day use to draw him closer to the Lord. Check out his profile here.

Keep up with the CSU Men’s Basketball team! 

Going home is some times a task for me because you never know when you gather so many family members together what kind of “flavor” you will get. I was excited to go home this time because I had not seen my family in a couple of months and since the previous visit I had lost around 30 lbs and gone down three sizes in jeans. So that was a wonderful and exciting feat for me to meet my first check-in goal on October 31st of 30 lbs. 


Thankfully we did not have ALL of the family over for dinner so it was nice and enjoyable without people having to be crowded or walking on egg shells. I showed a lot of self control at the dinner table which was quite rewarding. It is always exciting to see my niece and nephews (my how they grow so quickly)! 

After running around on Thanksgiving night at the Black Friday madness with my mom and brother…and then again with my Granny, Aunt and Cousin…I got to have breakfast with my really good friend Sam. Exciting news for her – she got engaged! Exciting news for me – I get to shoot her wedding! :)


I got back to Charleston on Saturday and had time to hang out with Lynette and the family. We had a blast playing Apples to Apples as a family and talking. That was a hoot to see everyone getting into the game. I must say they do not particularly play with similar humor as myself.

I just got back from picking up Baby Ash from the airport from her break. We went to the Outlets and walked around then had lunch and FROZEN YOGURT. Did I tell you that I have found a new addiction?? Yes – I have found a new love of my life. It was nice to sit and talk with her about life and her visit home. I am so thankful to have someone that I can just sit and talk to without having to have an agenda for our time spent together. I think it would be a good visit if we were just together without even speaking. That to me is a great kind of friendship because it isn’t based off of all the give and take. 


Ash and I did talk about how it did not feel like Thanksgiving. I always refrain talking about that with students (especially freshmen) because I do not want to kill the spirit of the holiday season. I know for me when I came to college all of the “family traditions” almost went completely obsolete. What traditions I cared to continue having are kept alive because I initiate them. I am a create of extreme habit so traditions are a positive in my life because it is something you can expect to happen every time therefore creating habit! What are some of your “family traditions” at this time of the year (i.e.: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years)? For me, I am a huge fan of Christmas so we always have put up our Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving. I enjoy it so much that I don’t mind putting them up even before Thanksgiving because it gives me longer to look at them. I also travel some during this season so it cuts back on my time to enjoy them at my apartment. I put mine up the week before Thanksgiving and then put my Granny’s up while home for Thanksgiving. Why do you think traditions “change?” What do you believe that traditions are important? 

Hoping to spend some time reflecting on things and sharing fun things I find during the Holiday season. JOY to the World!! 

What a weekend of great times, food and cake! :) Thanks to my mom and second mom, Glo for coming down to visit me. Thanks to my adopted family for celebrating with me after church on Sunday. Thanks to my church friends for the surprise birthday party/bachelorette finale party! Man what a good time! :)

So this past Friday I took the afternoon off. I randomly thought,  “I want to walk the bridge!” So I text Kadie and we went to CONQUER the bridge! It was not a bad walk and its pretty cool to be up there looking out across the Charleston Harbor. One of the old radio personalities that was on 95sx’s 2 Girls and a Guy radio show use to always talk about how she LOVED the bridge! As a Charlestonian I felt like I should walk it at least once. I would have to say that it will become a frequent activity in my life. This is something FREE for everyone to take advantage of…a FREE chance to walk on the infamous bridge and get some exercise.

And you know me, I took pictures along the way! :)

Starting up the Bridge…

And the hike begins…

The Bridge

Looking over the Harbor…

The first turn…

One of my favorite graffiti postings…

On the way back…

MADE IT!!! Whew…


As I walked around downtown Chicago with Ashley and Kayla on Wednesday we walked quite a few blocks and enjoyed some sites along the way. I think I have decided that the more I am able to financially afford it the more I am going to take advantage of visiting places around the USA. Being in a college I have a huge advantage of meeting people from all over the USA and therefore have a built-in personal tour guide where ever I decide I would like to travel.  Some of the places I shall place on my wish list for this Wednesday’s post would be New York/Manhattan area, California, New Orleans, and New Mexico. So who is up for doing some traveling?

Do you ever get in one of those valleys where you don’t really want to come out of it because you like the pity party, but you know after a while that will get old and then you’re scared you really won’t be able to bounce back then? Or is this just me? What do you do to guard yourself from getting in to this rut? How do you find the faith to trust that the Lord is still faithful and has your best interest in hand? Who do you turn to to encourage you and challenge you through these valleys?

For me, I am thankful for my mentor, Lynette, because she shares truth in love. She always seems to know when to let  me walk through it for a little bit of time before pulling my head above the water line to see some clarity. I know for me I can easily be dictated by the circumstances happening at the time. I try to figure out the trend and let others know so they can push me away from the circumstances where I will not fall in to that trap. I can think of two instances when that becomes the case…one of them which is happening right now…when everyone leaves for the summer (or for good because they are graduating). At this point I have gotten use to certain people being around and a routine…then it just changes. NOTHING LIKE THE SUMMER! I love summer break ….once I get over everyone leaving for 3 months. The other one is being around friends who are dating and I am not so I have a constant reminder in my face that I am lonely. That is a tough one to swallow AND to say out loud. I am thankful for friends who are willing to walk through that valley with me though.

This is why I think it is CRUCIAL that you would find friends/mentors who will hold you hand and help you believe that the Lord’s plan is perfect and promising. Hang on to that one!

What do you do? What do you think? Talk back!