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Here is a small preview of the engagement session I did a couple of weekends ago with Amberle and Shannon. They met at CSU and will be getting married in Pickens, SC where he is from. Amberle and I go back a ways with Volleyball and have shared many a laugh together. We started their shoot at Perfectly Frank’s in Summerville and then went to the train tracks and Azalea Park to finish up their shoot.


I would have to say that the photo for this week would have to be…

Why? Well the Lady Bucs have been struggling to strike hot and gain a WIN on their record for weeks now and they went in not sure they remembered what Winning looked like or felt like! They walked out a little more confident and aware that they have some drive left in them. Looking to see what COULD be and SHOULD be over the next couple of weeks.

Here is the photo of the day from the CSU Volleyball game versus NC State at the UNC-Wilmington Tournament on Friday, September 9, 2011.



Bucko the Buccaneer came about over the summer when I was sending devotional booklets to the girls on the Volleyball team. I wanted something to fun to send to the first person and would get passed around throughout the summer to each teammate. I found in my desk drawer a tiny pirate finger puppet that I had bought at the Market downtown. I came up with a whole plan to pass him a long and to take a photo of themselves with Bucko at a hometown landmark. Bucko traveled to Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Pennsylvania and South Carolina this summer. He returned a week ago and has been making appearances around the North Charleston area. In the photo above you can see Bucko partook of a little Moe’s Monday! :)

This year I would invite you to follow @BuckoBuccaneer on Twitter if you want to know when things are happening and find some FREE stuff along the way! Let the adventure begin!




Thankful Tuesday! This morning I took some time to go over to the Fieldhouse while the Volleyball team was doing some warm-up drills and watch. I just kind of stood to the side and watched them and as I was there I decided that it might be a good time to just pray over them. Pre-season, so I have learned, is a tough and trying time for the athletes AND the coaches. The Athletes are being pushed hard to prepare for the season and to see how far they will push themselves to be the best they can be. For the coaches they have to work hard to communicate effectively and push the athletes to their maximum potential. They also have to stand and see if the athletes did the summer workouts which are very evident within the first few days of pre-season. I just have a very special and unique bond with the Volleyball Coach and the players too. I hope to spend some time with each of my teams just praying over them for their personal walk with the Lord, their relationships around them, their sportsmanship, leadership and skill on the court, and their academics. Some might find this hands-off and not rewarding, but I have seen the Lord work incredibly through prayers over the last few years. So today I just share a small piece of my Tuesday and my heart! I would ask that anyone who reads this to join me in praying for the CSU Volleyball team this year! 

It actually happened on a Friday this week… I took the day off and decided to drive to Columbia and then up to Greenville AND then back down to Charleston all in one day.

I took off on Friday morning and stopped in Columbia to get my girl Drea and we had lunch with my cousin, Ron. Then got back in the car and we drove to Greenville to meet Carley after her class at Taco Casa. Car knew I was going to be coming but she didn’t know that Drea was coming with me! What a fun surprise. Carley has been telling me about Taco Casa for a while now and so I went and it was a success! Cheap! Good food! Great times!

Before Drea and I left town to return to Columbia and then Charleston, Carley took us to the Snow Hut! They had every flavor you could think of. I tried the Razzle Dazzle and Peach! I wouldn’t say these are better than the snow cones in Abilene, Texas though!



I love these girls and I am so thankful that I decided to be spontaneous and make a roadtrip! Excited because in just 20 days I will be headed on several other trips…this time via airplane! Stay tuned!














I feel like yesterday we were bringing in the year 2010. Does anyone else feel like that? What did I do that is worthy to recap for 2010?

Passion 2010 – We went back to Passion in Atlanta during the first of January and we learned a lot and worshipped a lot. I got a lot of creative ideas to bring back to CSU. The worship is always incredible and for me the best sessions are when Beth Moore speaks! It was FREEZING…19 degrees!

Baltimore 2010 – This was our third year of going to Baltimore, MD for the Spring Break Mission Trip. We worked with the Church on Warren Ave again and did some major work around and in the church building. We also had a team of students who served over at the South Baltimore Recreation Center with the after school program. Our kids always LOVE playing and helping the kids there. We had many laughs and of course the LONG drive there and back. This time me and Clark decided we wanted to drive in to the wee hours of the morning to make it back to Charleston so we would have a full weekend of rest. We think that might have been the final year of partnership in Baltimore at least for now.Fun times!

Bachelorette @ the Browns 2010 – Hanging out with the Browns to watch Bachelorette! London is the most precious little princess to hold and cuddle with. :) She was Team Ricardo! ;-)

Chaplains in 2010 – We started the Chaplains programs on the CSU Athletic teams in the Fall of 2009, but they carried over into 2010. For me, I started off with Volleyball and Softball…and I am not working with Volleyball and Soccer (and Softball eventually). It has been a challenging year to say the least. I know the coaches love me and most of the girls do too, but it doesn’t change the fact that I still feel inadequate to reach, love, challenge and teach these girls the truth and importance of a personal relationship with Christ. I had the privilege to baptize one of my volleyball girls, Ashley, in April. I do enjoy and learn a lot from the girls during our Monday Moe’s sessions. We were having a small group meet at my apartment each week to talk about the importance of a relationship with Christ. Even though it took time to prepare and to be ready for them to come in…I enjoyed those times when they felt safe and opened up and shared. I always love going in the locker room with them before games. I got to travel with them some this year and that was a definite highlight to my memories of 2010. I would ask that you would continue to pray for me as I seek opportunities to serve these teams and teach them scriptural truths.

Crazy Love in 2010 – Not going to lie…this one has almost made me sick to my stomach AND numbed me to what love is, what you do with love, who can love, why we should love, how we can show love…and anything else you want from love. I’m felt exhausted at times too. Every thing was LOVE at CSU this Fall which is a great thing, but did we get the point??? Crazy Love summer reading – Love in Motion student theme – Love Awakening festival – Elevate Love! Anyone else want to share your thoughts?

Snow in SC in 2010 – It has SNOWED in SC twice in one year… I got a pic of it in Darlington, SC and in Charleston, SC. Don’t see this happen to often so we had to jump on it and make it last as long as it could on this heated ground.

101 Tasks in 1001 days – I got this idea from someone else on their blog. I made my own list of 101 tasks that I have already been working on accomplishing. I challenge you to create your own list of things you would like to accomplish in the next 2 1/2 years. They can be things as simple as calling your mom every week to losing 20 lbs in 3 months to traveling to a foreign country.

Baking 101 in 2010 – I baked my first pound cake in 2010. It is my Aunt Polly’s specialty and I finally tried it out… SUCCESS! (see below) Call me the BAKER!

Human Trafficking 2010 – In March, CSU took ten students to Asheville, NC to work with two different ministries that work to stop sex trafficking. As many people are starting to become aware that this is an issue that is growing quickly around America, it is very saddening and shocking at the same time. I did a silent protest for the first time on the side of the road at a truck stop. There are many organizations nationwide and locally that you can get involved with that will bring awareness and also be hands on to helping victims that have been rescued out of the act. If you are in Asheville, NC you can check out the Hope House/On Eagles Wings Ministry.

The Spicy Chicken 2010 – It finally made its way down to South Carolina. Yes!! I know PT it has been in Maryland for a while now. It is DELICIOUS! And guess what will be hitting the CFA chain in SC the first week in 2011? The Spicy Chicken Biscuit. Bring the heat at the break of dawn!!!

Road Trip Summer 2010 – Kendrick, Trey and I set out on a road trip from Charleston, SC to Kansas City, KS for the National Worship Leader Conference. When it was all said and done we traveled 19 hours each way. I was hard core (and at times more hardcore than the boys) to drive through the night to get there. The worship was amazing and some of the breakout sessions really helped to confirm and reinforce some of the concepts we have been trying to implement at church and at Elevate. Fun times traveling with the guys across half of the United States.

Jameson 2010 -I have gotten joy out of watching my little baby J grow up this year. I saw him dedicated to the Lord. I saw him betray those Crusaders and wear his Buc Pride. And I’ve seen him over SKYPE! :) Thank goodness for technology that allows me to talk to Solmaz so I don’t miss everything in his life. :)

Cruise 2010 – This was probably the most needed vacation I have ever had in a long time. I did not take much down time in the summer when I usually take it because I was preparing for vacation with the Kellenbenz/Humphries/Eckert families. We had a total of 16 people on our Carnival Fantasy cruise out of the Charleston Harbor. I slept a lot and ate a lot and read a lot! We stopped at Nassau and Freeport, Bahamas the first two ports then in Key West, FL on the last day. I met a pretty neat guy, Mushir, who is a magician who works on the boat. I hope to booking my next cruise in the near future.

That’s just a few of the big highlights from the year 2010. I look forward to many more exciting things in the year 2011.