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Posted: May 23, 2008 in General

So, I missed posting anything last night because I totally crashed hard.

To fill you in yesterday we we went around and saw some of the island and went to the Sunset Bar. This place was super cool because you can sit there and eat GREAT food and then watch the planes as they come up and land. Its funny because we actually watched some Youtube videos showing people standing out there watching and getting BLOWN over trying to take pictures. We saw a lot of people out there watching and taking pictures, but I never got way out there. Below are some pics from there though…

Then we just drove around and ended up going to the shopping strip in Maho by Casino Royale. Man was this an experience…I had to parallel park first off. Then we went to this jewelry shop with Aunt Polly. Let me just tell you that “Bob Barker” worked hard for that sale yesterday. After an hour and a half of bartering with Aunt Polly she finally bought one dang pair of earrings. It was so much fun though just pushing this guy to come down on his pricing. (HAHA!) This is the guy and him working hard on Aunt Polly… and then me and him! I still don’t know his name.

Finally, we came back to the condo to hang out and took showers. We went down to the restaurant down by the pool for dinner followed by a short trip to the Atlantis Casino right near the house. Can I just say I am not one for those slot machines, but I watched Mr. Chuck and Mr. David play at the Black Jack tables. Once we got back — I crashed.

Today, I finally woke up around 9:30 a.m. Whew — It was so nice to sleep for that long…and I didn’t even have a headache this morning. (YAY, right Kels?) Then I went to lay out by the pool for about 2 hours. I even got in the HOT TUB. Then we headed out to explore the island. I let Ms. Betty drive today so I could take some pictures of the island scenery and we made it completely around the island in about 2.5/3 hours. Funny things to know about this island: 1. the roads are narrow and have lots of ruts; 2. the speed limit is in kilometers and so are the speed odometers; 3. you beep as a friendly gesture here OR use as a TURN SIGNAL; 4. If you ask for directions your answer you receive will go something like this…”go straight ahead and you will see a sign.”

Anyway, some of the pit stops we made today were in Marigot where they have the market. This is where we found the coconut guy with the pina coladas. It was an interesting stop. Then, we continued on to Orient Beach…this is better known as the NUDE BEACH. I was not going to go out there on the beach just because my Granny would have been embarrassed to know I had been there. Mrs. Elaine stood with me up at the start of the beach while Aunt Polly and Ms. Betty walked down the beach a ways. I was simply admiring the sand sculpture of the LAST SUPPER that was done by a guy from Europe. While we were talking about it this NAKED man came walking up talking to us. LOL! Mrs. Elaine just kept talking to him and then Aunt Polly and Betty came back up. I thought Aunt Polly was going to have a stroke because I was standing there with this NAKED man. We didn’t stay too long there and we continued on straight ahead looking for more signs. We ate at Carlo’s by the Atlantis Casino. The waiter there was def. cute, but my luck he didn’t have similar sexual preference. Once back to the condo (which we were not sure if we would make it) Aunt Polly and I walked down to the beach while the sun was going down. Below are some pics from today’s adventures…
Tonight we went back to the jewelry store to see “Bob Barker” to pick up Aunt Polly’s one pair of earrings. And we experienced another night in the Casino — this time the Casino Royale (the better one?) It was alright, but nothing to brag about. Signing off for the day…enjoy!

Welcome and Welcome back!

Posted: May 21, 2008 in General

So I woke up this morning at 6 a.m. (Yes! I know — I don’t ever see that time of day when I am home and not about to fly out of the country!) My aunt and two of her friends headed out of Darlington around 7:15 A.M. for Charlotte, NC to fly directly into St. Maarten’s Island. So let me just say that these women have no shame and they talked about too many topics I never cared to know about. (haha!)

So we made it to the airport safe and in one piece and finally found a parking space. They decided to talk to every person possible between the car and getting through security. They even invited the US Airways check-in guy to fly down with us when he gets off on Thursday. LOL! Holy cow. I was not so embarrassed there…YET! With Aunt Polly squealing about every plane that took off we made our way to our own airplane.

That was a pretty long flight (3.5 hours) to St. Maarten’s. I read most of the way down here so I am trying to be a more learned kid. I was hoping to have a window seat on the plane so I could take some pictures of the landing, but that was not the case so I just got to feel it. (ha!) On arrival, we got our baggage and then took a taxi back to the Sapphire Beach Club. We got situated at the condo and then decided to relax on the balcony for a few minutes.

Finally, we decided we were going to drive for a little bit and so we did…Yes, I am the Designated Driver for the trip. Holy CRAP! The people around here just beep their horns to let you know they are turning. There is no signage with the speed limit. And the roads have WAY to many craters! I’m going to know how to drive like an islander by the time I leave. It’s a different world around here. Everyone is just really chill and laid back. The stores are kind of sketch and out dated, but its been fun. Aunt Polly kept asking us to look for this place called, Uncle Harry’s.

Well, we found it – it was a unique place and we went in. The cheapest entrée was $19.75. Needless to say, this place did not measure up to our monetary value. We definitely drove past the airport about 6 times already and not real sure we meant to. Finally we found a 7-Alive. You read it right, not 7-eleven, but 7-Alive! It was super sketch.

We then came back to the condo and settled in for the evening…watching the end of American Idol. Now I am just sitting here writing this and I am zapped. I won’t be seeing midnight or later tonight. ☺ More to come tomorrow oh how I am sure of that…

Here I come is right… I am on my way to beautiful St. Maarten’s island tomorrow. I am super stoked because I have never been out of the country but I am also going on like 3 years without a REAL vacation break from work. I hope to load some pics on here so you guys can keep up with the great things I get to see.. yes I am rubbing it in!

I look forward to sharing my heart and experiences with you.

Getting Back to the matters…

Posted: May 3, 2008 in General

Yes – -I am going to get back into it…

Summer goals:

1. Spend more time prayer walking CSU campus
2. Spend certain amount of time on studying a week
3. Workout 3-4 times a week

I hope to express some of the thoughts and challenges on here for people to read and learn….about me and the LORD!.

happy summer people!