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July – Sweet July!

Posted: July 1, 2008 in God, school, vacation, work

Can you believe that it is already JULY!?! Oh my word!

I am sitting in my office looking over a list of things that need to be done just for this week and its pretty long, then I hesitate to even step back further and look at the assignments until we get to August 15th — Freshman MOVE-IN! AHHHHH!

Time will pass quickly for me because not only am I working on getting Elevate, FCA and Orientation stuff planned, scheduled, and marketing ideas underway, but I am taking TWO classes still. I survived last month which was a rough ride, but God was good to me.:) So I am going to persevere through this summer. Plus, I have plenty to look forward to…July 4th weekend at home with my family, keeping Jachin for a weekend by myself, trip to the dentist, and then even more important…I’m going to TEXAS! Oh yea! And as if that trip alone isn’t enough…its my BIRTHDAY and we’re going to see John Mayer & Colbie Caillat in concert in Dallas, TX! I think I am willing to endure for that trip!

I guess the more solid foundation that I am standing on right now is that I am looking to the LORD for my source of strength and encouragement. Even in my doubts and incompetencies I have found that the Lord is looking out for me. Like I told you before I have been down a rocky road over the past eight months, but it has overall been interesting.:)

For all of you OTLs reading this…get your rest and idea caps on…We’re going to have a tough week to tackle in August. For all of you others reading…please continue to pray for me and the things that are happening.