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Shane & Shane video

Posted: January 22, 2009 in General

Year 2009

Posted: January 8, 2009 in General

So the turn into a new year has occurred and we are already on a stretch to the middle of January! Most people during this time of year are setting goals and new year resolutions. While I do set goals for myself to strive for during a year…I also like to look back on what I have learned from the previous 12 months first!

1.) I learned that you can complete half of an MBA program in a year.
2.) I learned that telling people how much they have meant to you or impacted your life is essential to growing in humility and character! In this I had several relationships that should have been nourished more at the “professional” level!
3.) I learned that the economy will go up and down despite who is president and who will become president. By the way, history made in 2008 election year ! Seeing racism rush to the top was definitely discouraging though!
4.) I got to travel to St. Maarten’s Island, Baltimore, Jacksonville, and Dallas/Abilene, TX. Already been traveling in ’09!😉
5.) learned alot about leadership and vision and the obstacles that obstruct a leaders way to success and effectiveness!

Now for 2009!

Plan to write a job description that they can accept or it could be possible there will be a move! I anticipate reading and writing more about real life stuff! I join the other 8 million people in the battle of gravity. I hope to mentor 5 girls and pass along the same mission to those
Girls! I am seeking out a new camera! I want to understand God’s grace more (specifically towards my family.) and it’s gotta be about time to get over him!!!😦

what will you do in 2009?

meeting new and old people! :)

Posted: January 1, 2009 in General

here are some peeps i’ve seen lately…


Emily and Anna ( – They are the sisters of Coach Danyel, Head Volleyball Coach, at CSU, and they performed at the CSU vs. Va. Tech game at the Coliseum. Talk about harmony… check out their music.


On Jan. 2nd, I flew up to Nashville, TN for the weekend. This was a wonderful day of reunion. Ashley picked me up from the airport and we got to spend the afternoon together. Finally met Calvin Turner (her husband) who is an awesome guy…ate at Jackson’s downtown…took Sam for a walk….looked at wedding pics.. then went over to Hendersonville. Miss you Ashley!


I went to spend the weekend with Molly and Andy. It was nice to be with them again and just to vegg-out with them. I am thankful for their friendship! Molly is prego and I’m so excited about finding out what the baby is going to be. We sat up one night throwing around baby names. How weird! (Well, not really!)


My brothers baby!🙂