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iPhone Pics Feb. 2009

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Posted: February 25, 2009 in General

One of the things I tell people when they ask me what has been going on with me recently…is that the things I have been learning and doing have been stretching me more than ever. There is a bittersweet root to this word, stretch!

stretch play_w2(“S0805700”) (strch)

v. stretched, stretch·ing, stretch·es
1. to extend (someone) to the limit of his or her abilities
2. to extend (someone) to the limit of his or her tolerance
3. to draw out or extend in an area
Do you see how this could be beneficial, yet also a struggle?
As Christians, we are meant to be stretched and molded into someone better and stronger than we were before the trials and start. We are to be drawn out in areas that we are weak (and sometimes in our strengths). It is only reasonable that God would stretch us to limit our own abilities so that we have to depend more on Him and not on ourselves. This is when he stretches to mold us into a stronger, more mature Christian. As I have been told over and over again, we were not created to remain the same person. We are to grow and become more like Christ Jesus…in mind, body, and spirit. We have not yet arrived to perfection!
It is definitely still a very hard place to just rest in and know that God has a plan. When you are constantly trying to be more like Christ (Galatians) we initially want to be stretched, but then we see how it can be tougher than expected. Stuart Cutler said, “becoming more Christ-like might be about learning to deal with people as they are and treating them as individuals with different needs.  Jesus often meets people who need help of different kinds but he always seems to take the time to hear people’s story first.  How often do we assume we know what people need or want without taking the time to listen?”
This is exactly how I been stretched lately…by the relationships that God has ordained for me to impact. To do the will of God in those relationships demanded for me to be stretched outside of my own abilities and knowledge to learn more and think outside of myself. I am meeting with about 5 girls now on a regular basis. In order for me to be able to show them wisdom, discernment and most importantly, love, I have to be open to God purifying my heart first.
Has God been stretching you? How does that play into who you are (or becoming)? Are you open to that learning moment?

Spring Sports…Wallpapers!

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Identity Crisis Series @ Elevate

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This is the series in a nutshell!I hope that it is encouraging to you as much as the experience for me to  share was in my life!

By Tam Odom

Let me begin with the benefits of this series…
Week 1 – Discovering how God wired you (and other people)!
Week 2 – Learning where your Spiritual Gifting came from and what kind of gifts God might have given you!
Week 3 – Right now – How does your Passion fit in with how you are designed by our HOLY God?
Ephesians 4:12 – “to prepare God’s people for works of service, so the Body of Christ may be built up.”
Week 1
Lion – domineering, bold, confrontational, decisive, not easily discouraged
Otter – inspiring, encouraging, exaggerates, impulsive, life of the party, disorganized
Golden Retriever – Peacemaker, patient/tolerant, indecisive, supporter, loyal
Beaver – planner, analytical, insecure, self-deprecating, worker, logical, dependable
When we understand OUR personality I when we begin to understand and appreciate others.
Example: Jon is an EXTREME OTTER and I am an EXTREME BEAVER personality type. Jon likes to be social and time isn’t really an issue and details aren’t all that important, right? I like to be productive and orderly and on time and very detailed, because that’s is the only way we’ll get this done, right? NOPE! Once I realized how GOD wired him and wired me – VERY DIFFERENTLY then I learned how to work with him better because I appreciate his strengths that complimented my weaknesses.
Week 2
Jon spoke talked about Spiritual Gifting. The word he focused on was the greek word Charis which means God’s Grace, and also the greek word Charisma which means gift. Your spiritual gifting is a GIFT to you through God’s grace! Jon pointed out a couple of the gifts that God gives to people through the Holy Spirit.
Romans 12:6-8…I Corinthians 12:8-10,28-30….Ephesians 4:11….


Week 3

PLACE is simply one (of many) assessment tools that help you discover your personality, gifting, abilities, passions and life experiences. This is not the HOLY SPIRIT…It is just an assessment and is not 100% accurate every time. I believe over time your gifting and passions will develop or change depending on your life circumstances and experiences.

How many of you are PASSIONATE about something or someone?
If you were put in a room with people from all over the world, with all kinds of brokenness, ranging from infants to elderly seniors…whom would you be most drawn to communicate with?
Do you have that one person? What is the trouble? What age are they? Where have they been?
Now – Answer this – What has happened in your life that might have pushed you towards this people group?
What would you do to be able to serve or help this passion that is deep within your heart?
Anything! Right?

Those of you who are having a tough time finding that passion for one or two things…This is where you are in the identity discovery process. This is where we want to really help you!

HOLY DISCONTENT – What is that ONE thing that just wrecks your heart? If it wrecks your heart then it more than likely wrecks God’s heart! Now you have to develop that!

Typically, you see some of the same gifting with certain personality types. This is not to say it is the only way it can be because I have seen some pretty unique combinations.
Lion – leadership, wisdom, discernment, prophecy
Otter – faith, encouragement, leadership, giving
Golden Retriever – encouragement, evangelism, wisdom, mercy, helps
Beaver – administration, helps, knowledge, service

So do you guys see how this could drive you to your major? To your ministry? To your relationships?
When you discover how God’s designed you then you want to find a career that you would find JOY in doing every single day. Not just for the paycheck (which is nice!), but with an Kingdom Building mindset.

  • If you have a Lion or Golden Retriever personality with the gift of encouragement/exhortation or pastor/shepherd you might think about Counseling
  • If you love youth aged students and your personality is otter and your gift is evangelism – then you might want to join the youth ministry outreach group at your church.
  • If you are a Beaver and you have the gift of administration you might want to go into accounting or architecture because those are professions that require significant amounts of details. If you have some underlying Golden Retriever or Otter personality with this combination you might want to go into management.
  • If you are a counselor with an otter or golden retriever personality and you lack the gift of discernment then you probably want to find someone with discernment or a lion personality who will help hold you accountable to not emotionally drain yourself.

You see how this can be such a benefit to you and those you’re working with to really know and FLOW in that gifting?

If you are in management, a senior pastor over a church staff, leader on your team, human resource director, or work with delegating projects to others then I would highly suggest you learn how to use people’s gifting to strengthen the team.

What does this mean to me if I am looking for that special someone in my life? I’ve been asked if I am an Otter then what personality should I marry? NONE OF THEM!

We have to dwell on 1 Corinthians 12:12 when it tells us that each part of the body makes up the BODY. When you are looking for your future mate, don’t look just at personality. Whether you are going into the ministry or NOT you should always be looking for someone who has a gifting that compliments yours. If you lack administration or discernment then you surround yourself with someone who has those gifts!


Going BLUE!

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Some of you might have heard already about GO BLUE. Heck some of you might have already scored some FLAIR for your bookbag! Even some of you might have been to the basketball games to get a free Go Blue Saber or Go Blue Tshirt! That’s awesome! I’m stoked to know people are getting on-board! The only thing is that I’m not so sure people know what in the world the GO BLUE is all about!

Here is the history:
One January day in the year 2009 this girl named T-Boz was coming up with some new and fun activities to plan for the campus of ChuckSoU! She had one of those light bulbs go off in her head that said what if a bunch of students showed up to one of the doubleheader basketball games and wore ALL blue! Well, we named that night DO BLUE! When is discussion at the Buc’s Round Table, majority vote said to call it Go Blue and from there the whole idea started! A campaign to get people to GO BLUE by wearing blue, thinking blue, cheering blue and simply existing as BLUE! Still you may be asking me what the truly means, huh? We’re trying to kindle a FIRE of SPIRIT for the BUCCANEERS through every activity and ministry we do!

1. I choose certain events to make them GO BLUE events. This means there is some kind of giveaway or just a huge event that we don’t want you to miss (and you probably would regret missing it)!

2. Those who have received GO BLUE flair (a.k.a. BUTTONS) – wear them every where you go on-campus! There is a new BLUE PATROL going around looking for you! No, its not to charge you a fine or reprimand you! We want to REWARD you for catching the SPIRIT!

3. Join the GO BLUE Facebook group TODAY to stay in the loop!




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We went to Converge in Myrtle Beach on Jan. 30-Feb. 1! The theme for the weekend was INVEST. Clayton King talked about investing our time in the right relationships and investing into people by presenting the gospel very clearly. We also heard from this crazy woman, Brenda, about her ministry in Alaska! She was really cool and on-fire for the LORD! It was a good weekend for us to just learn more about our personal struggles and callings that the Lord has our lives. In our free time we played Rock Band, went to Steak-N-Shake and had a jammin’ session in the hotel hallway!

Here are some fun pics!