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Here are a bunch of random insights about the wonders of this Wednesday…the third day of the sixth month in the year 2009. I am not so sure you really care, but since I am not sure I have anything profound to write about, but I am long overdue on posting some blog entries I will try this one for today.:)

1. I had lunch today with Beth and Coach Kelly (DAD) at none other than THE Chickfila. Thanks to Beth AND Coach I had a FREE meal! Woot Woot! I am looking forward to the blog posting that Beth will be making at about our lunch date.


2. I finished typing in 1100 SCBC email addresses into my contact list to email the Summer Missions Poster out to the churches. FINALLY done and tried to email out the poster. You can only send an email out to 500 people at a time. Then I try to fit them on three and google tells me I have reached my limit of emails for the day…try again tomorrow. What in the world!? I thought Google owned the world and could handle some monster emails like that. HA!

3. Savannah came to spend the evening with me and we watched “He’s Just Not That In To You!” I am not sure that was what I needed to watch during such a cynical mood. I think that I might stick to the decision to never get married…oh but wait!…I might just be reading into the signs that are not there…so what’s a girl to do?


4. Sonic is giving out FREE Old Fashioned Root Beer floats today from 8 p.m. – 12 a.m. I am not going to indulge though. I hope every one else who scored a free treat enjoyed.


5. Tara Leigh Cobble has taken a break from mind-blowing tweets to just share some every day life tweets with the world. This should be so insightful. Follow her at

6. Miley Cyrus announces that she is going on tour with METROSTATION and tickets will be on sale at As if that was not enough for all of those HM/MC fans – She is also releasing her clothing line at Walmart and Join in the fun, right?

7. I definitely bought a new Macbook Pro today and getting that FREE (rebated) iPod Touch with it. I might be slightly crazy for dropping some dollars, but its gonna be so worth it. <Not accepting offers on my old Macbook Pro due to being promised to a commited buyer!>

8. I went to Zaxby’s with Savy for dinner and I got the Chicken Finger sandwich meal. I have to admit I was a slight bit disappointed in the delight of those chicken fingers on the toasted and buttered bun. It just didn’t seem to be very fresh tonight. Sweet Tea made up for it (almost)! Then as I got in the car to leave I have a little itching on my neck. I was nervous that I was having an allergic reaction to my dinner. Kinda reverted back to a night in the Spring semester when Savy had an allergic reaction starting with itching on her neck. Thank goodness it quickly passed.chicken_finger_mealdeal

9. I have been trying to strategize on how to move people around in the offices without putting up a partition wall in my office. I think I have it somewhat figured out. Instead of moving everyone else I might just make the move myself. (Don’t fret – I am not leaving CSU nor am I moving from the BC).Might be different when you return from summer though.

10. I have a desire to bring the FLAIR app back on Facebook as a cool and happening thing. Want to join my fun? Try sending some encouraging and laughter-filled flair to¬† your friends. They usually return the favor once you get the train going! Lots of cool new ones…Stalker, DWTS, LOVE, Summer, and Tweets.