Archive for June 10, 2009

So recently, I got this new picture in the mail from my Compassion sponsor child Jhonatan. He is in Peru. His letters truly warm my heart because of his innocence and child-like faith. He loves to play soccer for his school. He is learning a lot at the VBS at the Project he gets to go to. His favorite food is chicken and rice. He loves Communication class. He has a brother and a sister. His parents are farmers. He gets to go on vacation to another village in December. He will be 9 yrs old this year. And he bought these pants and sweater (his favorite colors) with the money I gave him for Christmas. Its only $38/month to allow him this opportunity to learn about the Lord and be taken care of physically, spiritually and emotionally. Thank you Lord that I get this opportunity to share in his life.


Isn’t he such a handsome fella! I hope to get to see him one day through a Compassion International organized trip.

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