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Top Ten Thursday

Posted: June 18, 2009 in General
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This week I have been in a very reflective mood. I have to say that I have been trying to acknowledge those who have put time and energy into who God was molding me to be. I am NOT leaving God out of this top ten because He placed each one of these people into my life at the right season to push me, challenge me, encourage me, and mostly love me! I hope I can express this in words.

10.Tiffany Campbell – a driven and outgoing risk-taker – she taught me to be spontaneous from time to time. Life is about having fun. Her passion to live life to the fullest and to show ALL people love has taught me a lot about my small sheltered perspective I had on life. There have been times when I was completely shut out to her because I didn’t always agree, but God still used her to grow me closer to Him. (Especially in the gym)


9. Mrs. Sherry Atkinson is probably the most humble and encouraging people I know. She actually just called me today to tell me about a recent blog post. I trust her and cling to her wisdom. I know she doesn’t feel like it, but I remember when I would stop by her cube in the Hunter Reception Center and share times of laughter about things happening around campus. Now I do the same but just in another building. She pushes me to grow and walk in humility before the Lord.

8. Jessica Eddins has to be a person everyone loves and has never met a stranger. She was Miss CSU when I first met her and I immediately wanted to shut her out because I didn’t like the Beauty Queen thing. Something was different in Jess. We quickly became friends and then BAM! Let the good times roll with LOTS of laughter and some tears too. Jessica taught me to go after the dreams and passions in my heart. She did that with her life and made me want to do the same. She has a personality to die for and has impacted so many hearts. Talk about transformation. Just try talking to her one time!


7. Justin Sigmon, ohhh the “hot” cousin! as everyone says! He has always captured my heart and love. I believe he inspires me and pushes me to be more than I am now, because he wants to be like me! I can’t let him down. I can’t cap him off below his potential. So I keep pushing through life because I know he is following my footsteps. I am so proud of him.


6. Laura Crump Harrell took me by the hand and led me into a new uncharted territory when I was in Junior High. I learned more about serving and God’s word than I had in my entire life up to that point. She never gave up on me and my socially shielded heart. Her commitment to lead us was what inspired me to want to lead other girls. I am thankful for her today too because I get to still learn from her wisdom and grace.


5. Glo and Johnny Howle, providers! They have loved me like I was their own since I was born. They care about what I am doing with my life and in my life. They support me and encourage me to follow my heart. They have been providers for many years and taken care of me.


4.Lynette and Jon Davis have been incredibly timely in my life! God definitely has used them to push and prod me into the Woman of God that I am suppose to be. From Lynette being patient to wait for 4 years to hear me finally open up and Jon always being my biggest fan. I have come a long way in doing ministry, thinking ministry and living ministry. I have been shown unconditional love through their actions and words. Their kids are joys in my heart. I pray I become half the woman that she is to love, cherish and serve my husband. But then again if we’re both seeking after God’s own heart then we’re going to be drawn to each other.


3. Aunt Polly and Ron lead me to the Lord when I was 13 years old. Ron has been like a brother to me over the years and makes me fight harder and stronger in life. Aunt Polly has been my balancing block some times by pushing me and pulling me out of my comfort zone. She has always thought the world of me and helped me to stretch and climb higher and higher. She helps me to keep life a little bit light hearted.  Crazy can be fun, right?


2. My mom has taught me to love unconditionally and give sacrificially. I have people tell me I have such a servant’s heart. I believe its like John 5:19 says about how Jesus did what he saw the Father doing. I have watched my mom give and serve and love people and I tend to model that myself.


1. My Granny is my best friend! She has loved me and taught me so much about life…how to treat people, how to be a good steward of money, how to prioritize, and how to love. I could never financially repay her for all that she has provided for me,but I will do my very best to pass on to others the truth and love she has given to me.


Now – these are by far not the ONLY people who have impacted how I view life, but they have greatly molded and defined it. I will try to continue this list as the days pass. Because I believe its important to learn from everyone around you whether they are well learned or not. they probably have a life changing lesson for you to learn even if it teaches you how not to live your life.