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Thoughtful Tuesday

Posted: June 23, 2009 in General
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Today was a busy and non-stop day at work because I am taking a few days off this week to go visit some friends in Ohio. So before I left today we had several meetings, some reporting to do and closing out some loose ends. One thing that I think the most about when I reflect on this day is my time planning for Elevate in the Fall. I believe it is going to be a tough semester with so much going on, but I believe that God is going to get ALL the glory.

I am a planner and like to be productive and today it just was not happening in the Elevate meeting. I was getting frustrated with not getting any where that I just shut out what they were talking about and went into another mode. Funny how it took us 45 minutes to get to a point we were ready to plan and then we put together a great working structure for the WHOLE school year…not just the Fall…in 15 minutes. I know – you’re probably thinking to yourself right now that this is not very thoughtful – oh but just wait!

Some of the topics we brought up for the Fall are centered on the Life of Jesus. That is so broad and I was getting irritated that we were not able to hammer out some details on what about His life or what about Him. We just were not able to get that. Then all of a sudden the ideas began to flow.

Clark asked us in the room… If you could describe Jesus in one word what would that one word be? For me, sovereign was the word that just slipped out of my mouth. I don’t know why because that is something I am still trying to wrap my mind around the sovereignty of Christ. Other words that came out in the room were Agape, Gracious, Savior. Then I took the time to ask some other people and they responded with Love and REAL. What one word sums up Jesus to you? Why?

Another question that was asked was what is the most impressionable image you have of Christ? Is it him hanging on a cross? Is it the words He said while on the cross? Is it the miracles He performed? What about the compassion and discipline he showed towards the disciples? One person said, ‘It is finished!’ Another one said, ‘Father forgive them…’ What about you?

After this meeting I had so many ideas floating in my head, but I think the main thing was the realization that I don’t know a lot of the Jesus that I serve and I should be trying to engulf all that I can get my hands on and my heart wrapped around. Lord help me to yearn to know YOU more! I feel so unworthy to be in His presence when I don’t always desire to be there. Thank goodness for God’s grace and compassion.