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Top Ten Thursday

Posted: August 27, 2009 in General
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10.  Because it’s a pretty color

9. That’s what Jesus would do!

8. Because being a super fan is always better than being a regular fan.

7. Dr. Brewer will sing you a special tune if he sees your GO BLUE! gear!

6. Because blue is the new BLACK! It’s slimming!

5. You get cool prizes for wearing your button.

4. It makes you an official BUCCANEER!

3. Everybody’s doin’ it!

2. Because goin’ green is going to get old!

1. Because friends don’t let friends go TEAL like those chickens up in Conway!


Back and Forth

Posted: August 27, 2009 in General
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I have been going like crazy over the past two weeks trying to make sure that I have everything ready for the beginning of school which started this week! Of course, I am involved in many of the aspects of New Student Orientation. This year I was in charge of the 2-hour Orientation production so that’s had been stressful pulling it all together, but it actually turned out to be pretty awesome. I might try to work on some kind of preview clip of the show soon.

What has happened in the past two weeks:

  • Meet some new friends who will be working at CSU this year with me.
  • Worked a lot!
  • Went shopping for some new clothes with my birthday money!🙂
  • Definitely saw GI Joe with Lee and Clint…ooooohhh Channing Tatum!
  • Did a couple of photoshoots (two previous posts) for Kait & Justin and Baxley.
  • Had lunch with my mentor, Lynette! (That’s a rare occasion for us!)
  • Got to spend some time with Savannah after she returned from Honduras.
  • Spoke to all of the Rez Life staff about PLACE
  • Went on the Charleston Thriller boat ride today with Katie and Savvy. You gotta check it out some time!
  • My roommate, PT (aka Party Time), is back in the APT with me!
  • Survived Orientation!



Sounds like a lot of fun, huh? Well, for the most part it has been! These are the times when someone wired like me can get bogged down in life. You want to make sure that you have everything done just perfectly so you over exert yourself to the point of exhaustion and in-effectiveness. You also tend to dwell on things that aren’t reality or possibly exaggerate the things that are somewhat real. What does this mean?

First thing that comes to mind would be this guy who I recently tried befriend. At the beginning it seemed to be a fun time to have a guy to hang out with. Quickly it turned to a microscopic crush, but knowing that my heart could not handle any more games like I had been through in the past I decided I was going to slowly approach it. After inviting him to come along to some of the events that I was attending and being shut down I decided to back away again. Mind you I had like four people who were reminding me to be careful and a couple of them just didn’t have a good feeling about this guy from the get-go! I did heed their advice, but I was in a weird place where I still wanted to play the game. Turns out the game was just dumb. After inviting him to an event on-campus where we both work I got a response from this guy telling me I acted better than him because I went out and did things, and that I was too intent on changing him. So needless to say… I am done with that one. I don’t have any fight in me to try to rekindle anything there. Is this wrong? I choose to think that I am not giving up on him as a person, but it is my responsibility to guard my heart from any discouragement or evil doing because it is the well-spring of life. If I would continue on fighting that lost cause I would become even more drained and would walk into the wilderness. Do you think this is one of those cases where I might have exaggerated the situation?

I have also been a little overwhelmed with the fact that so often I apologize or become a wimp when it comes to boldly proclaiming that I am called to do ministry for the Lord and that I am happy with doing that! I find myself tip-toeing around the TRUTH. But WHY? Is it because I don’t want to be confronted with conflict of beliefs? Is it because I am lazy? Do I just want to be accepted by all people? Do I really understand why I am doing it? What did I think it was going to be like? These are some of the questions that pass through my head as I am talking to people that don’t know me and I am trying to make a lasting impression. Don’t they know who I am? I love the serve and to give and to organize and to shoot pictures and to influence people and to love and to help and….well you get the point, right? I am hoping to find some more community with some of the people I am now working with because I want to walk boldly on and off-campus to tell people I am called to be a servant of the Lord. I believe this community will answer what Hebrews 10:24 says, “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.”

Any who – that’s been some of the major things running through my head these past couple of weeks. I’m trying to get my life back into the daily routine of writing. I will try to post a Top Ten Thursday later today.


Posted: August 25, 2009 in General

Just so every one knows. I have not been LOST these past couple of weeks. It has been insanely busy and tiresome b/c the new students arrived on-campus last Friday. Once you begin that day you don’t typically slow to a routine schedule until the end of the month. I am trying to take a breath right now and slow my brain down long enough to say I am alive!

I had a couple of requests to write again…I promise I am working on it. I have a lot to share.

Stay tuned…we will return to our normal scheduled programming in a moment!

Baxley, Class of 2010

Posted: August 11, 2009 in General
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I did a recent shoot for Baxley. She is an outstanding young woman who loves the Lord and has a good head on her shoulders. We went to Folly Beach and then to the Marina by California Dreaming. Here a couple of my favorites from the shoot. Good Luck to Baxley as she finishes this year at Stratford HS.






Here are some of the favorite picks from the Engagement session this past weekend with Justin and Kait. They are always fun to share these milestone memories with. Let me know what you think…











Volleyball on the rise…

Posted: August 7, 2009 in General
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Just been playing around with some pics for some new Volleyball wallpaper spreads for CSU Sports info. I met with the Volleyball team last night and I am so excited about sharing life with them this year. Its going to be stellar!🙂


I feel like it has been a while since I’ve done a top ten…do you agree? Well, here is today’s topic for top ten…

In light of the school year beginning and I’ve been consumed with preparing for it I thought I would share ten things you should get in to this year at CSU. Go BLUE!!!

10. You can never go wrong with getting involved with intramurals sports on our campus. This year we will kick-off with our cross-town rival flag football game versus the Citadel on Thursday, September 3rd at 7:30 p.m. As the year kicks in to gear there will be flag football, paintball, softball, beach volleyball, frisbee, disc golf, basketball and dodgeball. Join in the fun by signing up in the Brewer Center. Ask for Eric!

9. Solomon’s Porch will be a good time to bring your questions about life, relationships, struggles and other issues to the room through a text Q&A in Littlejohn Parlor on September 16th and November 16th at 8 p.m. King Solomon was the wisest man to ever live simply because He asked the Lord for wisdom to lead. There is wisdom in God’s word to help us and guide us through the good, the bad and the ugly. Or maybe for you simply the ups and downs of this thing we call LIFE! We’ll talk for a bit and have some food to enjoy afterwards. Join us!SP Sept 16

8. We have 30+ clubs and organizations who will be recruiting beginning on September 1st at Start FRESH by the pond. Get involved in a club to make a difference on this campus and in the community. By getting involved in this way, you always help your resume and skill set for the future.

7. Rez Life Small Groups are bible study/small groups led by the RAs on each hallway. This semester we will be discussing the book, The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel, and then going through some life issues. Find out more about how you can get involved with your RA. These small groups will build community among your hallmates and corporately across campus.

6. Homecoming 2009 – This year there is a new format of events going down at Buc City. We will begin on Thursday at the Fun Run/FallFest at 7 p.m. over by the Fieldhouse. Then Saturday will be our Display of floats, Homecoming Lunch under the tent and then our CSU football team takes on the Liberty Flames.

5. Join the  “We❤ the Lady Bucs” Facebook group! Then come out to support our lady Bucs as they take on our cross-town rivals like the Citadel and College of Charleston, or our conference rivals Coastal Carolina and Winthrop! We kick off the fall semester with Women’s Soccer on Saturday, August 22nd at 4 p.m. and Volleyball on Tuesday, September 1st at 6 p.m. Go Bucs!

4. During Fall Break  (October 2009) we will be going to Erwin, Tennessee on a Mission trip to help with a church who is doing lots of cool ministry in their community. We’re hoping to head south to New Orleans for Spring Break Mission Trip this year in March 2010 to help with the continuation of rebuilding the city from Hurricane Katrina. We are looking for anyone and everyone on-campus who wants to spend their break living out their faith through the power of serving, praying and worshiping!

3. Because our University’s vision is that we would be recognized for integrating faith in learning, leading and SERVING we have a program called Catalyst. This is a group of people who go out into the community to do service! In the past we’ve mainly worked with Habitat for Humanity, but this year we’re going even further than before. We will be working with groups of people building relationships, doing laborous work such as Habitat, and also serving people meals. If you have a heart to serve then you’re gonna want to be involved with this. Contact Melissa Bell, RLC, for more information.


2. This semester at Elevate we’re going to be focused on the character of Jesus, mission and important things to Jesus,  and lessons that Jesus taught the people through parables. We have a great leadership team who has been praying for you guys all summer! The first Elevate will kick-off on Thursday, August 27th at 8 p.m. in the CAF. You really don’t want to miss this night of worship because its going to set the pace for the whole school year and the Holy Spirit is going to SHOW UP and SHOW OUT that night. For more info on upcoming Elevate stuff get connected:

Join us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter!

1. Duh – What is more exciting than GO BLUE! We’ve got lots of cool things for you to get involved in throughout the semester that are special Go Blue events. As soon as you get to campus you need to get your hands on TWO major things…(1) Go Blue Button and (2) Go Blue involvement card. Just drop by the Student Activities office in the Brewer Center to get a card and button. After get staff to stamp your card at all of the listed events  you can bring it back to Student Activities to get some Go Blue! gear. I promise you want to be in the GO BLUE group!  Check us out on the CSU website and Facebook.