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New Bff?

Posted: October 30, 2009 in General

I know she probably thinks I am some psycho, but I really enjoyed learning and being encouraged by Tara Leigh yesterday at lunch and Elevate. Her words, smiles and thoughts completely engaged that exciting world of the unknown! I know at lunch I took some of the girls with me and they agreed that the time spent together was so edifying! I hope that she will return to CSU soon. I know I will be fighting to bring her back in any way possible.

I want to be like her when I grow up!:-)


Hero Day

Posted: October 29, 2009 in General

I take this time to share someone who is my real life hero! Leslie has been the very essence of a warrior as she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer

She has been using her circumstances that she has been becoming content with to speak the LOVE, JOY and HOPE to so many. She has been writing a blog ( I promise that her words will touch your heart in ways you didn’t think a woman with Breast Cancer would. Even in the rawness and struggle for a good day, she shares her faith in a light ROAR! I have no doubt that she is going to impact thousands of people as she steps up to the plate to speak about awareness of cancer AND the eternal hope that can be embraced through going in to the battle as a painted-up PINK WARRIOR!

Even in the midst of the evil disease that causes her physical body to fail, her temple where the Holy Spirit dwells will never fail her! This is why she is my HERO!


It has been a long while since I have really sat down and written a blog. Tonight I am taking the time to spit out some of the things that have been going on in the past couple of weeks for you guys, and after this I plan on writing a letter to my little Compassion child, Jhonatan!


Lately, I have been extremely busy with so much happening at work that I have some what pushed everything else to the side. Nope, that is not right nor is it fair to my family or friends who have to suffer from my lack of concern. (If you are one of those people, please forgive me!) I just have to let all of the girls out there that I love you and I really do want to know you and serve you and love you! Some times in this journey of learning more about ministry I feel like I am missing the BIG PICTURE! The big picture is that God is good, just, compassionate, and unconditional!  I have been reading more in the Bible, Forgotten God (F. Chan) and 50 Reasons Jesus Came to Die (J.Piper). They have been knocking me down and punching me in the face with the fact that I don’t know nearly enough about the goodness of the Lord or HIS Word. I have been missing the big picture. Tonight, I was talking to my mentor about how I have been staying overwhelmed and feeling completely ineffective. As always, she knows just the right things to say in such a GOD timing way, if that makes sense. During those weak moments I am most vulnerable to the devil creeping in and taking captive my thoughts and actions. Luckily, God has been merciful towards me and used my self-righteous and lazy efforts to reach out further than I could ever imagine. Definitely a humbling experience, but I am thankful for it! (Maybe not now in this moment, but I know I am going to be!) I’ve been missing the big picture. Are you?


Last week at CSU we had all of the Homecoming festivities. I had a blast hanging out with students and supporting the different clubs and groups. Some of the highlights…

  • Lauren beat out everyone in the Hot Wings Eating Contest in the CAF with 35 wings in a six minute time span!
  • FallFest turned out to be a great evening of fellowship and music. The Elevate band did an excellent job leading. The Pep Rally went over very well and the bonfire was OUTSTANDING (thanks to REZ LIFE)!
  • Friday night after the Movie Night there was a RAVE in Quad 3. At first, I was thinking this was going to be a bust but then when I showed up and had a little bit of encouragement I jumped right in the middle. Eventually, I made my way in with some water bottles to cool everyone off.:)
  • Saturday was so encouraging because I had people telling me that they felt like they went to a real school with all of the people, excitement, and activities. Bucky made his appearance! Katie Tull (WBB) won Homecoming Queen.



Tuesday night the Women’s Volleyball team head a fundraiser and night dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness and Research. Just stating the facts… The Lady Bucs WHOOPED up on Coastal! The crowd was AMAZING! There was PINK everywhere! A.Hill got back on her A game and Nichole and Sam’s seniority shined during that match! (More pics can be seen on Facebook.)



Today we had some awesome time with Tim Elmore, CEO of Growing Leaders, come speak at our Convocation. He talked about how at some point in your life you have to make a conscience decision to move from the passenger seat to the driver seat. He used an example from 2 Samuel 11 when David slept with Bathsheba. He went from being a driver in the first part of his life to being a passenger. Tim shared 4 ways you know you’re slipping from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat: (1) drift from the discipline we demand of others, (2) Believing others owe us whatever use we can make of them, (3)Attempting fix things up rather than make things right, and (4) Refusing to accept that we could be blindly out of God’s will.

The other thing that really stood out to me was he shared one of the Habitudes with the Student Leaders called Big Rocks First. This principle is that you put in the big rocks in your life first then fill in around those. The big rocks are the things in your life that are HIGH priority. He said, “the issue is not scheduling priorities but rather prioritizing your schedule.”

Then he challenged us to take a self-examination of why we felt like people followed us. Here is a list that I would challenge you to use as a tool to self-examine yourself too!  He said figure out how YOU do it and do it THAT way!

  1. insight and knowledge
  2. relationships
  3. sacrifice
  4. character
  5. abilities
  6. passion
  7. humility


I have been so excited about Tara Leigh Cobble ever since I discovered her through Twitter a year ago. I have been following her and even told Clark a while back that I wish I just thought like her half the time! We ended up booking her to come to CSU and I got her book, Here’s to Hindsight. Mind you, I read this book in one day while sitting in the airport. I could not put it down because I was amazed that she was dealing with the same heart issues that I was and am struggling with! Anywho – She came to CSU today and I became an even greater fan! I will def. post some pics from lunch tomorrow and Elevate!:)  Follow her on twitter (

Party in the 14207

Posted: October 25, 2009 in General

Happy Birthday Matt!

Posted: October 20, 2009 in General

So Michael and I were hanging out last night and we decided to decorate for Matt’s Birthday!:) I took some pictures for you to see the MADNESS of giving Michael blank paper and a pack of crayola magic markers. HAHA!



In light of working on my photography website right now I am going to post the top ten engagement photos that are going up on the site. They are only a few of hundreds of photographs to choose from. Mind you all of these are people I have been friends with during my time at CSU. Enjoy…and don’t forget to check out


9. 0548038-R1-036-16A

8. IMG_0889

7. IMG_5451

6. IMG_4671



4. IMG_4623

3. IMG_3327

2. IMG_4871

1. IMG_4735


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The weeks just seem to be getting longer and full of events each day. Do you feel the pressure of stretching yourself out more on a daily basis? Is this just in my head? Being a person who rarely says no.. I am beginning to find that word and concept very appetizing. I listen to people asking me if I every sleep or if I ever have “Tam time?” I find myself making up reasons why I DON’T have those things in my schedule.

Volleyball, Softball and Soccer… I could probably talk for a about 1200 characters on this topic. I have been so excited with how God is using me (such a faulty vessel) to befriend, love, and serve the female athletes. My heart has been sold out to the volleyball players this year. I feel like there are more of them who “GET IT!” I am continuing to pray for revival in their hearts, minds and souls. God has definitely shown me favor with them as they have let me in and show me love in return. Some of the most encouraging moments are when they smile, they win their game, they ate up some banana pudding, and some of them shared some prayer requests with me. Not only in Volleyball but reaching out to Women’s Basketball girls and trying to encourage them, shooting some awesome pics of those Soccer girls who are just plain WILD! and then making some slow progress with some of the softball girls. If they read this – I want to tell you that I love each of you and I am here for you no matter what. Please know I am praying for you to come to a understanding about a real and transparent relationship with Jesus! Please talk to me any time.


Elevate is going well. We have been doing a series on three things that Jesus values the most… His People, Our Hearts, and the Glory of God! As the semester brings more papers, exams, and extracurricular activities we tend to see more people drop off from coming to Elevate’s worship time. As a leader and passionate person for people to come together and worship.. I am not sure why they prioritize other things more important than being in the presence of the Holy Spirit among other believers. But on the flip side I am critical towards the efforts we put in to the worship time, in to the service station, in to the relationships we are building! Just a reminder to myself and others.. Elevate’s vision is to be the campus worship experience that encourages students to grow closer to God and to each other!!! In the next couple of weeks we will have some special evenings and then we will return into a new three-week series called “Tell Me a Story…” Check out the Elevate facebook group to see upcoming details.

Family: My niece and nephews are growing like crazy. I can’t wait to see them in a couple of weeks. I will post pics then. My brother recently got in an accident at work and had to have surgery on his eye. He is doing much better says my mom!:) I am so excited to spend time with my granny and my mom and my aunt when I go home. There is nothing like home some times. I know I am one of the last to actually go home, but I do LOVE the people who have given so much to and for me!  I have also really found family down here in Charleston. Me and PT have  just hit it off so well (never was any kind of doubt about that!) but we like having Computer Lab parties with the siblings or the boys!:) I am also trying to spend more time with my Davis family too. Jachin is growing soooo big! IMG_0545IMG_0658IMG_0672

Savannah! I’ve had very few people that I have had an instant connection and deep friendship with like I’ve had with Savvy. The bad thing.. She is leaving in January til the end of March for study abroad program in Costa Rica. I am so excited for her experience, but I am completely sad I will not have her around here to hug, give a hard time, “shame” with, or have sleepovers. I am excited to see what God will do in her life. Is it wrong of me to be selfish and not want to let her go? (Don’t answer.. I know the answer!) I just needed to get that out of my mouth.


Some of you might have read a previous post about Praying for Christopher. This is a guy I have been talking to that is in the US Marines stationed in Japan. He left two weeks ago for a training mission to the Philippines and South Korea. He is out on the field for about 7 weeks. I didn’t think I would get to talk to him at all but he has been online a couple of times so far. He is doing well and appreciates your prayers. Keep praying for his safety as they had some navy guys get attached by a roadside bomb threat. Also, pray that as he returns to the states in December he will prepare for starting college at CSU.:) I will keep you posted on his whereabouts and all.

I have been reading more again! I was determined when I finish my MBA I was going to read all of these great books that I had bought for Christmas and my birthday. To my dismay… my head went on strike to reading anything for a good 8 months now. I was doing good to just read consistently in my Bible. But I finally have picked up some of these books PLUS some to begin my challenge of reading at least 12 – 15 books a year. Currently, I am reading Forgotten God (Francis Chan), Fifty Reasons Jesus Came to Die (J. Piper), Unexpected Adventures (Lee Strobel), and the book of Hebrews in the Bible. Talk about cramming some good theology into my mind and heart! What are you feeding yourself with?