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A Review of 2009

Posted: December 31, 2009 in General

Isn’t it hard to believe that it is only a couple of days until we will greet a new year? I love Christmastime so much that I put all of my decorations up at the beginning of November just to enjoy them longer. During this last week in the 2009 year, it is hard not to want to look back and remember what has happened in the last 12 months and see just how SOVEREIGN and GRACIOUS the Lord is in my life.

Last year I went through a lot of different events that helped to grow me in knowledge, character and perspective on life. This year I experienced new adventures and gained even more perspective on ministry, relationships and God’s grace. There has been a reoccurring theme in the lesson God has been teaching me this year: “Run the race in such a way to win the prize…” (1 Corinthians 9:24) “Do EVERYTHING for the Glory of the Lord…” (1 Corinthians 10:31) “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart…” (Psalm 37:4)

I moved from the house in Summerville to an Apartment with my friend Julie. I met Julie through her sister who was a friend of mine at CSU. We have a BLAST together. She has definitely helped pull me out of my shell and loosen up some. Living out your FAITH on a daily basis has become more a reality as I learn more about ministry too. Sure that might sound like a given, but God is still stretching me to come beyond myself to think about others…like HIM!

In the summer, I was promoted to the Director of Women’s Ministry and Creative Arts at CSU. Didn’t mean much change to what was expected of me, but I did focus more on reaching out and loving more of the females on-campus. I had the privilege of being the Chaplain for the Volleyball team this Fall and it has been such a blessing to be a part of something bigger than yourself. The girls have embraced my love just as much as I have embraced being a major part of their team. In the Spring, I will be hanging out with the softball team.

Another thing that happened over the summer was I was reunited with a friend from like 10 years ago. She found me on Facebook (surprise!) and we reconnected. I ended up flying up to Ohio to meet her and her kids. Needless to say she missed me so much we have been talking pretty much every week since the reunion. (haha!) She is out in New Mexico – yes! I do plan to visit that state since I’ve never been there!

I am thankful for my mentor and big sister, Lynette, this year as she has been such an encouragement during many tough days of questioning why I am in ministry to why am I still single to how do I  understanding God’s grace. For most of the year our conversations and meeting times were scarce. Then I began going to work with her and cleaning while talking about family, friends, guys, love and how to apply God’s promises to our lives.

I got really close with Savannah this year and I’ve been blessed with someone I trust and love. I hope that while she is away in Costa Rica during this new year/spring semester that God will speak to my heart more about best friends. I hope to have a friendship like King David and Jonathan. Whew!

And now the end of the year is here and preparing for a new one. What do you hope to accomplish in 2010?

Call me weird, but I am one of those people who listens to Two Girls and A Guy on 95sx every morning while getting ready for work. No, I don’t agree with most of the things they say, but I sure do laugh a lot! So when they began to advertise their Two Girls and A Guy Christmas Party with Colbie Caillat my ears perked up! I thought to myself…”I’ve never seen Brooke Ryan or Tanya Brown in person before…I love Colbie Caillat especially at the music farm…this could be a cool Christmas present!” Ching Ching!! Two tickets bought and printed off for me and Savvy to go!

The great thing about venues like this when they bring in someone like Colbie is that they bring in some of those smaller named artist who have big voices that tend to go unnoticed until they are followed up by a bigger name. Kevin Hammond opened for Colbie. He is from Wisconsin and his voice will make you melt to the floor. I could not do anything but stare. Yes! I got judged by Savvy, but I was alright with being punished for that.🙂 Check him out at

Then Colbie came out and sang pretty much everyone of my favorite songs. I just don’t know why she couldn’t sing the Christmas ones since it is a Christmas party and all. haha! Oh well. I am glad I got to hear Fearless and I Never Told You…two of my favorites from her new CD because they basically tell my hearts story about a guy of the past in my life. Not to underwrite Colbie, but was excited to see that Justin Young was back with her…he is HOT stuff too…musically too! Check Justin out at

And with all that being said… I have an enjoyable evening with my best friend!

Christmas Letter

Posted: December 7, 2009 in General
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I have been thinking about writing my Christmas Letter for 2009… yes!!! that is right I have only been THINKING about writing it. Every time I sit down to write it I think of a hundred of things to do OR I sit there thinking what do I tell you about this year. Last year I endured many different things and now I feel like I am always busy, but not too much seems to show for that. So no more procrastinating on writing that letter because it is underway…

I definitely can tell you that once I can get over myself then it will just come to me. I will be able to share the joys and the trials so eloquently that it will bring God the most glory.

On another note: Last Sunday’s sermon by Dr. Peter Beck was intense. The main thing that stuck out to me was how he told a story about stealing the baby Jesus out of a friend’s nativity scene. He said he took it because our nativity scenes are all unbiblical! Jesus did not come to Earth to be a baby in a manger or any of that, but He came to go to the cross. WOW! Slap in the face. Then this Sunday, Jon spoke about how do we get peace from the Lord….something that I have been looking for a lot lately! The conclusion: WE have to have FAITH in God’s promises and TRUST them with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength. This is what brings about the fruit of the Spirit: PEACE! (Luke 2:8-16)

I have been extremely slack on keeping up with the blog entries, but I look forward to picking back up with them during Christmas break and in to the new 2010 year! With life tossing us to and fro I will try to articulate the goodness and mercy of the Lord on His children whether they are obedient or not. Lord help me to be more like You…increase my FAITH!

Today’s top ten is dedicated to the top Christmas tunes played in my iTunes library in the past week…

10. Glory in the Highest – Shane & Shane

9. Ave Maria – David Archuleta

8. Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy to the World – Coffey Anderson

7. O Come Let Us Adore Him – Shane & Shane

6. It’s Christmas Time – KJ52

5. I’ll Be Homes for Christmas – Josh Groban

4. Carol of the Bells – August Burns Red

3. Mary Did You Know – Kutless

2. Winter Snow – Chris Tomlin (with Audrey Assad)

1. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – David Archuleta

I love Christmas music and I could listen to it year-round. Okay…maybe I would not like it 12 months out of the year, but I do love me some Christmas tunes.🙂 It is always fun when they change over the local radio station to play it 24/7 for the month of December. Or when you walk in to Chickfila and you hear Destiny’s Child singing Opera of the Bells. (haha!) Deck the halls…on this Silent Night!

Thoughtful Tuesday…(on Wednesday)

Posted: December 2, 2009 in General

Time has been zoomin’ by these past couple of weeks for everyone. With a lot of things going on and having a long list of things to try to accomplish before the semester ends you could imagine that things get overlooked, people get irritable and some times we lose focus on our purpose.

The Lord has definitely been working on my heart in the last couple of weeks especially  with my relationship with different people. I have been shown many of my flaws such as unrealistic expectations, selfishness and how inconsiderate I am. As I am reading this book, No Other Gods (K. Minter), I am learning that I tend to put so many people and expectations before God and that has become my god. We are all guilty of allowing things, people and emotions to control us to the point we lose focus on GOD and refocus ourselves on our gods.

As I was talking to Lynette the other day while we were cleaning I finally allowed the confession that I am not sure I am really ready for marriage or even a relationship because I have a lot of high expectations that are probably going to be unmet. I said it out loud which made it even more of a reality. So many times I find myself being pretty irrational with what I expect from people…and I don’t even mean just a boyfriend relationship, but from friends, co-workers, and others.

I am learning that I am a pretty selfish person too. As I have been working through Savannah leaving for Costa Rica next semester I have come to realize that I am very selfish with my time with her. Days keep flying by and I feel like I am not getting enough time with her to satisfy what I want (there again the unmet expectations).

Lastly, I have been so inconsiderate of the emotions and needs of those around me. Thanks for all of the prayers you guys lifted up on my behalf as I went home to visit my family. They are definitely some that I am most inconsiderate towards. I need to be forgiven for my cold heart. I also have realized that I spend so much money on things that I could have been spending to help cure someone’s disease or feed the kids for a week or something that is more eternal than what I chose to invest my money.

Any way, I just thought it was important to take a few minutes to confess my heart and the flaws in the heart. One thing that struck me this morning was someone on the radio said that their advice to someone was to follow their heart. Why do we think that is good advice IF the heart is deceitful. (Jer. 17:9 “The heart is more deceitful than all else And is desperately sick; Who can understand it?”) This is where we must be careful because when we follow the thing that is most deceitful then we tend to be more selfish and irrational.

Please pray for me in the coming days as I am trying to finish this semester out strong and run the race in such a way to win the race. (1 Corinthians 9:24)