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Here ya go!

Some recaps memories from each day…

Sunday (Travel Day) –

Funniest: Estrella announcing that she is a bartender to the group OR when I tripped over Sam’s bookbag in the middle of Pastor Lyn’s speech!

Awkward: Jess’ comment about taking a shower

Monumental: when the breaker tripped in the girls room and shower! Heather continued to shower without saying anything to anyone in the small tiny shower.

Monday –

Funniest: Pastor Lyn’s story about the youth who lost his cell phone…”I’ll come after you and your family…”

Awkward: Josh forgetting my name! Emily saying, “Kicking him in the screws!”

Monumental: credit card declined at grocery store after we’ve bagged $565 worth of groceries… Don’t worry we got it fixed!

Word of the Day: “peach-”

Suckiest: faith’s hair straightener!

Tuesday –

Funniest: Jessica wet pants in the kitchen while cleaning the dishes and Ashlyn saying she must have started her period.

Awkward: skype with michael…Emily walked through and jumped in, Michael yelling at Ronda

Monumental: Pastor Lyn sharing about 3 people in the community that we indirectly impacted.

Word of the day: “exactly”

Wednesday –

Funniest: ugly better remark by clark

Awkward: youth dance party…”cotton eyed joe”

Word of the Day: “putz”

Thursday – (TRAVEL NIGHT)

Monumental: Ronda getting sick

Funniest: Clark alerting us to the problem in the Silver Bullet

Awkward: Entering the Military base due to our search for a bathroom for Ronda

Word of the Day: “Chunks”

Famous quotes:

“It was nice sleeping by you this week.” – Jessica to Sam

“That was pretty good tasty.” – Josh (about sushi)

“Crippled up the steps” – Josh (about walking up the steps)

Freestyle Friday

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Check out this video… CLASSIC!🙂

This week’s Top Ten is devoted to worship songs at Easter time…

10. Arise My Love by Newsong

9. East to the West by Casting Crowns

8. In Christ Alone by Natalie Grant

7. Salvation Day by Vicky Beeching

6. This is Our God by Hillsong

5. Mighty is the Power of the Cross by Chris Tomlin

4. Hosanna by Brooke Fraser

3. By His Wounds by Mac Powell

2. At the Foot of the Cross by Kathryn Scott

1. At the Cross by Hillsong

Would you rather…

Have a unibrow or Buck teeth?

Fly when you fart or  pee every time you laugh?

Be a hobo that everyone loves or be a rich guy that everyone hates?

not be able to sleep for 2 weeks or not be able to eat for a month?

Would you rather step in dog poop or step in throw up?

Welcoming myself back…

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So… I have been MIA on writing but I am getting back in the groove and hope to post several things this week! Stay tuned as I gather some materials to share with you about the Spring Break Mission trip to Baltimore, Maryland and Justin and Kait’s wedding and more…

Recent Pics…finally!

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