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Here ya go!

Some recaps memories from each day…

Sunday (Travel Day) –

Funniest: Estrella announcing that she is a bartender to the group OR when I tripped over Sam’s bookbag in the middle of Pastor Lyn’s speech!

Awkward: Jess’ comment about taking a shower

Monumental: when the breaker tripped in the girls room and shower! Heather continued to shower without saying anything to anyone in the small tiny shower.

Monday –

Funniest: Pastor Lyn’s story about the youth who lost his cell phone…”I’ll come after you and your family…”

Awkward: Josh forgetting my name! Emily saying, “Kicking him in the screws!”

Monumental: credit card declined at grocery store after we’ve bagged $565 worth of groceries… Don’t worry we got it fixed!

Word of the Day: “peach-”

Suckiest: faith’s hair straightener!

Tuesday –

Funniest: Jessica wet pants in the kitchen while cleaning the dishes and Ashlyn saying she must have started her period.

Awkward: skype with michael…Emily walked through and jumped in, Michael yelling at Ronda

Monumental: Pastor Lyn sharing about 3 people in the community that we indirectly impacted.

Word of the day: “exactly”

Wednesday –

Funniest: ugly better remark by clark

Awkward: youth dance party…”cotton eyed joe”

Word of the Day: “putz”

Thursday – (TRAVEL NIGHT)

Monumental: Ronda getting sick

Funniest: Clark alerting us to the problem in the Silver Bullet

Awkward: Entering the Military base due to our search for a bathroom for Ronda

Word of the Day: “Chunks”

Famous quotes:

“It was nice sleeping by you this week.” – Jessica to Sam

“That was pretty good tasty.” – Josh (about sushi)

“Crippled up the steps” – Josh (about walking up the steps)