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Ali…The Bachelorette begins…

Posted: May 25, 2010 in General

After following the show for the past couple of seasons getting addicted to the personalities and its just too tough to break the habit of being a Reality TV junkie! So Melanie and I went over to the Brown’s house last night for the season premiere of The Bachelorette with Ali. Of course, so many people in America have their own opinions of who she should keep and who she should toss and who is insane and who has the worst outfits and….well you get it! So why not have my very own?

I didn’t like the dress that Ali wore to ‘meet -n- greet.’ After every guy there was a wardrobe malfunction. Whoops.

Jay needs to get a hold on that hair! Whew!

Craig R has a big nose. Take your yellow shoes and take a walk. Note to self: He likes to stir up trouble. Is he going to be the “Tanner” of this season?

Why did Chris L from the Cape not tell her that his mom had passed away when she asked if his parents were still together? Weird.

Craig M – I think he borrowed his little brother’s suit jacket – way too small. Big Sexy Hair?

How embarrassing for “Shooter!” Why would you share that story on National TV? Freak! I agree with Brooke Ryan – Maybe this should have been the Baby Daddy Show?

Frank – why would you quit your job you loved to go write screenplays in Paris? I don’t know if I believe you. Ali quit her job. Frank quit his job. Sounds like a good start. But he is kinda cute and quirky.

Loved Jesse. Keep it up!

RATED-R/Justin – intervention? He’s cute and all, but I think he needs to be careful how he portrays himself with his entertainment wrestling career!

Kasey – we want to know if he has some kind of impairment. I hope he isnt the creeper they make him out to be in the upcoming previews.

Poor guy, Tyler. She told him to “have a good night!” He did a great job brushing that off. She was nervous!

I’m still checkin’ the “WEATHER” for jonathan! He’s cheesy but I love it.

Dude Kyle – He needs more interaction with some women in his town. Someone hook a brother up!

Last but not the very least… yum yum roberto! Way to rep the Chuck and get the first impression rose! Hope you make it all the way.

So I finally finished editing some of the wedding pics from Justin and Kait’s Wedding. Yes, I know – it was back in March! Without further ado…


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This summer I am going to try to complete eleven random acts of kindness that has no strings attached. Below are the eleven things that I hope to accomplish:

1. Pay for a random person’s gas at the gas station.

2. Pay for the person behind me in the Chickfila drive-thru.

3. Bake a cake and give it away.

4. Take flowers to a neighbor.

5. Bake cookies/brownies and take to the local fire department.

6. Pay a compliment at least once a day.

7. Write a letter to 3 of my most influential teachers in my life.

8. Take pictures of a family for free.

9. Buy books for a local daycare.

10. Mow someone’s lawn.

11. Buy several gift cards and give them away to people who seem to be having a rough day.

I won’t limit myself to these, but I am aimed to do all eleven of these during this summer.


Posted: May 12, 2010 in General

Check out this kid performing “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga

CSU Graduation 2010

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Jesus Reveals Himself…

Posted: May 4, 2010 in General

Isn’t it funny how Jesus seems to reveal Himself to you (and others) in times that you least expect to see Him? I don’t mean like you’re in a place doing something you shouldn’t be and whoops.. There’s Jesus! I am talking about when you get to a place in life and you’re comfortable and just rolling along and then BAM! Jesus shows you His glory, His timing is perfect, He can be trusted, He loves you, He provides and so many other glimpses of who He is!

I have a friend who just started writing a blog about a week ago. We were at dinner one night (at Monday Moe’s, duh!) and she is the queen of biblical referencing when in mid conversation. I love it because she definitely knows more history in the Bible than I do. So she mentioned she was going to start blogging and I was all for it because she is witty and always making for a great time of laughter. I didn’t know that what was going to come from the blog would be “The Bible According to Berle!”

At first, I was like well this might be interesting how she turns this blog, but after reading her first post and now her second and third posts I am convinced that Jesus is revealing Himself to her through her thoughts being put out on a blog meant to encourage and challenge others about how the Bible applies to the day to day life. I am excited to see what God is going to do in her and through her (Colossians 1). I think it kind of surprised her how as she began to write her eyes and heart have been stirred to be unashamed of her love for Jesus Christ. How refreshing!

So never feel like it too late for the Lord to reveal Himself to you and in ways that you might least expect him to!

This is a shameless plug for you to read her blog: