Posted: May 21, 2010 in General
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This summer I am going to try to complete eleven random acts of kindness that has no strings attached. Below are the eleven things that I hope to accomplish:

1. Pay for a random person’s gas at the gas station.

2. Pay for the person behind me in the Chickfila drive-thru.

3. Bake a cake and give it away.

4. Take flowers to a neighbor.

5. Bake cookies/brownies and take to the local fire department.

6. Pay a compliment at least once a day.

7. Write a letter to 3 of my most influential teachers in my life.

8. Take pictures of a family for free.

9. Buy books for a local daycare.

10. Mow someone’s lawn.

11. Buy several gift cards and give them away to people who seem to be having a rough day.

I won’t limit myself to these, but I am aimed to do all eleven of these during this summer.

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