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Baby Trey

Posted: July 28, 2010 in General
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a couple of pics from the photoshoot today of Trey…

My friends Jamey and Solmaz came down a couple of weekends to Charleston to dedicate Baby Jameson to the Lord at Summit Church. I absolutely adore Jameson and I am so thankful to witness and be a part of this monumental time in his life. Below are some pictures from that service:

Be the cause…for change!

My boss gave me an article the other day about how missions has become a thing of the past. Now granted we have missionaries going out into the mission field every year, but what is the reality of the gospel among those missionaries? Especially with the iY Generation, there is this determination to be a part of a cause that DOES GOOD, but what is the better good?

I have to admit I do a lot of GOOD things, but am I taking the opportunity to do good for someone by meeting their physical needs alone? Or am I meeting the physical need to initiate the relationship to meet their spiritual needs? I want to know that the child I sponsor through Compassion International, Jhonatan, is being told about the GOSPEL. I have taken the opportunity to write to Jhonatan to tell him that Jesus loves him and to ask if he understands to be a Christian and what he has been learning through the Bible stories at the Project.

I like to wear TOMS shoes especially because they give a part of shoes to a child in need when you buy a pair for yourself. I am not sure how they approach the deliveries, but I think it is cool that a company is that committed to the cause of meeting a physical need for those children.

How about U2 and Bono and the cause for AIDS in Africa with the RED campaign? People want to help with this cause. But how are sending medical supplies and doctors over there meeting the physical needs meeting the most important needs?

Land of a Thousand Hills is a coffee company that is helping Rwandan coffee farmers to make fair trade monies that are helping their families have better sustainable homes and businesses. They take trips to the Bukonya to help build orphanages, provide coffee bikes, and provide money for loans to women for small businesses.

And the list can go on.. Human Trafficking, Poverty, Homelessness, and other social injustices. But are we actively meeting the spiritual need of the people that we are engaging with? I can honestly say that I have not come to a confident place that I am looking for moment to share the gospel with those I help, encounter or pray for. It’s a shame, but no need in telling a lie. My prayer is that I would have a heart change. Be the cause…for Change! Change = sharing the gospel not just doing something good to make me feel better about the material things I have.

Lord help me!

In the next month, I hope to do the following TEN things…

1. Go to Cupcake (downtown).

2. Finish my TEN Random Acts of Kindness.

3. Paint a picture

4. Sit in Barnes and Noble and read some magazines.

5. Get some crab dip from RED’s ICEHOUSE.

6. Go see a movie in the theater.

7. Walk on the beach with the family

8. Get a Rocky Road Milkshake from Ye Ole Fashion

9. Take a boat out  into the Harbor (maybe the Charleston Thriller?)

10. Watch the Sunset from the beach/harbor


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The last week and a half I have been in a funk. Of course, being the person that I am I typically would cover it up so that people would not know and they would not ask me any questions about what was going on. I do not know what is going on with me over the last week. I have been super irritable and just wanted to pull away from people. Just like in any situation like this there are two sides (or two side effects). The first one is pulling away could be good to reflect and deal with the issue between me and the LORD. The flip side: you can quickly fall in to depression. The second one would be to stay around people and not face the issue at hand. The flip side: eventually you are going to crash and burn. Either way — the flip side doesn’t seem to be a good side effect, does it?

So this week, I have spent some time a lone, some time with my family and best friend, and some time with some other good friends. Balance has been good for the soul.

The question at hand is am I better? I can say what I know to be truth… The best is yet to come in Jesus Christ and He is my Rock and Shelter. I should worship Him through the storm(s). And just so you’re  reminded that I AM human you must know that I am not always that HOPEFUL. What I do know for me to be truth right now is that I have a heavy heart. I seem to be in the valley right now and in that valley is the non-satisfaction of being single. I think the sense of wanting to be needed and attractive to someone plays in to that same non-satisfaction. I am frustrated with work because I feel like I am just treading water right now and there is so much to be accomplished before August 20th. I think there are other specific relationships that have been severed over the last few months that are now taking a toll on me.

What do I do now? How do I guard myself yet let my guard down? Why can’t I just walk away from it without this emotional bondage? How do I talk to my best friend about things going on without getting defensive?

“My peace is gone, my heart is heavy.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

4th of July Fun!

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Throwin’ down at the Farm…

This is my lil princess! Love this baby!