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So I try not to get suckered in to TV shows because I don’t have a lot of time to watch TV. [does not mean I don’t watch ANY TV though] When I am home with PT she tends to flip channels from one addicting show to the next. Tonight I got sucked in to watching The Buried Life on MTV. Now, I have seen this show before, but did not find it to be anything that was worth watching. Then this season finale episode came on and I was glued to the TV waiting to see if these guys were able to reach their goal.

The Buried Life is a reality show where 4 guys travel around the US trying to cross off another thing off of their “to-do” list. They have 100 things they want to do before they die…

1. Open the Six O’clock News

15. Get on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine

43. Become a Knight for the day

76. Go dog sledding

78. fall in love

99. Host SNL

Just to name a few of them!

I tried to do a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days but they are not as extreme as The Buried Life. I challenge you to do a list like this and try to accomplish them as soon as you can.

I think the thing that I enjoyed the most about the show was that they were willing to give away the money they won/earned for charity sake. I think them doing good for people is what most impressed me about the show. Where is generosity these days? Where is compassion these days? Where is selflessness these days?

My life be like…ooooohhh ahhhhhh oooooooh!

What thousand words would you be able to say about the people in this picture?

(L to R: Emily, Amberle, Tricia, Tam, Amanda, Cori)

For me, this picture is easy to express at least 1000 words about these girls.

Emily – She is probably the most sweet hearted and compassionate person. She has a nurturing spirit about her and most everyone on the teams knows who to go to if they want to feel loved. She tells the BEST stories. (HAHA! Judy fell in the pond!) On the court, she might be quite but gives a lot of energy and strength.

Amberle – She’s the most well-knowledged female athlete who is hilarious and REAL. I have been encouraged by here through random texts or when I just walk in the room and she makes me feel like a superstar. I am proud to know Amberle because her humor challenges me to think more intently and to be open to many people. I hope to have some Monday Moe’s dates with her throughout life. I have laughed so much with her and it has blessed my soul.

Tricia – I have to thank her for taking a risk by allowing me to spend some one-on-one time with her last year. I enjoyed getting to know more about her, her team and myself through the conversations we had. I love how she is willing to make some tough calls and she is growing in her understanding of who she is in Christ. I have seen her grow spiritually and emotionally. I believe that she has a great balance of work and play and I think that will help keep her sanity as she continues her education. On the court she lightens the moment and she brings the digs!

Amanda – I think most people would say they LOVE to watch Amanda Hill play volleyball. I am thankful to have been able to watch her play over the last couple of years. She definitely brings so much intensity to the court and her strength and drive is overwhelming. I believe that Amanda often gets overlooked of being a genuine and fun-loving girl because she comes across intimidating on the court they don’t give her a chance off the court.

Cori – She is probably one of the most disciplined individuals I know. Cori has some hidden humor that most people are not privileged to know about her. She is a driven person and I think people read her the wrong way because they are scared of the sacrifice and commitment. When asked who I enjoy watching play, Cori is the first person who comes to mind. One of my favorite things about watching volleyball is when they won a point they always celebrate in the center of the court as they regroup for the next point. I love the hype and Cori brings that kind of hype! I hope to see her become a very success school teacher.


Special thanks to Coach for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of these girls life.

So today Beth and I took a detour on the way back to our offices after Bible Study and this is where the inspiration for this top ten list came from…

Top Ten Things To Do on a Nice Afternoon @ CSU…

10. Play Disc Golf @ Buccaneer Bay

9. Sit by the reflection pond and well…reflect!

8. Play volleyball in Buc Park

7. Grab you some java in Java City and indulge at the sidewalk tables with friends…talk about people who have impacted your time at CSU over the last couple of days or months.

6. Take a nature walk on the Cross Country trail around campus with a friend and talk about what the Lord has been teaching you about how He created you and the heavens and the Earth.

5. Take a picnic to the Football Stadium stands and while there make a list of your favorite memories at CSU Athletics.

4. Have some fun on the swings in Buc Park.

3. Attend a softball or soccer game. (or tennis or baseball or football) –(GO LADY BUCS!!!)

2. Go to Sonic Happy hour and grab a drink or two…take it to a buddy’s office and check in with them on how things are going.

1. Go lay on the Soccer Field with a friend and talk about LIFE!