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This is a new topic and I will have to explore what this will look like each week. But Becky made the suggestion so I wanted to pursue it.

This week the question is…

Why not Whistle while you work?

“Snow White’s seven dwarfs could do it. So could Andy Griffith. Lauren Bacall told Humphrey Bogart, “You just put your lips together and blow.”

They could all whistle, but astronauts on spacewalks will never, ever be able to whistle while they work.

When you’re on a spacewalk, says astronaut Jim Reilly, your voice changes. “You can’t whistle, so you’ll never hear anyone whistling on their way to work on a spacewalk. You’ll hear them humming, but you won’t hear them whistling.””

They said it is a simple matter of air pressure.

“So why can’t people whistle while spacewalking? Barry said there is a simple explanation.

“You can’t whistle because the air pressure in the suit is only 4.3 [pounds per square inch], and normal atmospheric pressure is 14.7 psi, so there are not enough air molecules blowing by your lips to make a sound,” he said.”

[Whistle While You Work? Not in Space, by Gina Sunseri. February 22, 2007]

And there you have it…not everyone can whistle while they work!


I had to hold off on posting “Make it Count” until Tuesday this week because today (1.11.11) is “National #HumanTrafficking Awareness Day. Let’s each do our part to #endslavery.” (@1nicolebromley)

Nicole Bromley is a dear friend of mine who I met at CSU a few years back. She has a story to tell about childhood sexual abuse, but through her testimony and the seed of passion planted in her heart by the Lord she is an advocate for Human Trafficking. Last summer she traveled to Africa to speak to government officials and the people about ending sex slavery. She shared her book(s) with them and during this time the Lord opened her mind and heart to see that her story is bigger than she had realized. It was the very thing that would lead her to “breaking the silence” among the human beings being sold into sex slavery. I am so grateful for Nicole’s ministry and friendship.

There are numerous ways you can learn about what is happening in America and around the World when it comes to sex slavery and human trafficking.

Check out to find out more about  Nicole and her ministry. More importantly…you can be a part of the change by getting your very own “i am one voice…” vneck tshirt (

The 268 Generation group (aka Passion) have partnered with Word Made Flesh and the International Justice Missions to stop sex slavery by rescuing and helping the girls through programs for healing. At Passion, 100 college students gave $36 each to provide FREEDOM and future for 1 girl in Bolivia. Also, 150 college students gave $30 each to cover the cost of ONE undercover rescue operation that would bring 15 girls to FREEDOM. You can find out more on

Another national group that is working end slavery is You can follow them at @officiallove146.

This Fall we went to Asheville, North Carolina and worked with a group of people who are passionate about rescuing and bringing awareness to the issue. Check out The Hope House in Asheville, NC and The R12 Project (based out of Biltmore Baptist Church).

Other tweets today:

@1nicolebromley A very difficult piece of a friend’s trafficking story was in an article yesterday: Pray for her.

@officiallove146 Is the anti-trafficking movement the new black?

@roblove146 Ending #humantrafficking is not idealistic or naive. It is audacious. And it is people of audacity who change the world.#endslaverytoday

@officiallove146 We wear her number with honor, with sorrow, and with a growing hope. Represent 146:

What will you do to save a child, girl, human from being trafficked in sex slavery. Make your life count today! Make their life count today!

What do you think about all the ONES in today’s date? Below are some of the people I follow on Twitter and the tweets they posted today about 1.11.11.

@jason_mraz 1.11.11 is five. High Five everybody!

@louiegiglio 1/11/11…. A unique day of new beginnings. “Do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing!” Isa. 43:18

@alvinreid Hannah’s amazing 1-11-11 cake. AMAZING

@mattlipan thousands of people make wish on 1.11.11. Verizon grants.

@FCAnews Today is 1-11-11, let’s take 1 minute to pray for 11 people for a total of 11 minutes.

@1nicolebromley Today is National #HumanTrafficking Awareness Day. Let’s each do our part to #endslavery.

@tristasutter Time to tackle the day. Happy 1.11.11!

@a_love 1/1/11 …Excited to see what will go down today =)

@mrskutcher Today’s the 2nd marker of this special yr of 1’s 1 11 11 Seize the opportunity 2 connect elevate &overcome thru the intention of becoming 1!

@shelleygiglio RT @granthubbard: Happy release day @kpstanfill 1.11.11!! // YEAH!!!!

What would your tweet say about today’s date being 1.11.11? We saw a lot of tweets on 1.1.11. and we’ll probably see a few more on 11.11.11. Does the number 1 mean anything to you?

This little boy will receive a surgery because of those who gave at Passion 2011. The goal was to pay for 50

surgeries at $50,000 and after 4 days there will be 141 surgeries paid for in Uganda.

For more information on how you can get involved in helping…go to


Top Ten Thursday (late)

Posted: January 8, 2011 in General

I missed posting this yesterday but none the less I am posting it now because I think it is important to recap what you are learning from the Lord. When you acknowledge what you are encountering and then publicize it then you become accountable to the application of it. For those of you who went to Passion ’11…did you guys get anything out of these things??

10. Eating at Chickfila, Cheesecake Factory, IKEA, and more Chickfila. I guess the stop in Hardees counts too even though it is was not the best dine-in experience.

9. The Go Center was smaller this year, but the outcome was insane. To thing that the broke college student world brought in $1.1 million for the causes that Passion set before us. Things like business loans, feeding hungry children, building houses, rescuing sex slaves, sponsoring children, providing surgeries and building wells.

8. The time of worship was very overwhelming and refreshing. The new songs were awesome especially the one about Spirit fall down, Spirit fall down, Holy Spirit fall down on us.

7. Got to see Matt from Land of 1000 Hills Coffee for a very brief time but it was fun!

6. Spending time with the students talking about what we have been learning through the sessions and how the application of it might look on our campus.

5. The Breakout Session with David Platt was one of the most moving things. Just to get back to the basics of loving Jesus so that everything that pours out of us is bringing the Kindgom of Heaven up for the glory of Jesus. His story about adopting children obviously touched my heart.

4. Louie Giglio spoke on the last day about how this generation has a lot of things that distract them and how they have the potential to change the world with their skill sets, passions and desire to make Jesus’ name famous. He gave the analogy of how all of the brand named products want people to carry their names and if people don’t buy in and carry their name then they will fail. As Christians we have to understand that the name Christian means nothing but to carry the name of Jesus is everything.

3. Lecrea late night concert was pretty legit. It was nice to listen to the explanations behind the songs he sings and to know that he is theologically sound in what he believes, sings and preaches! Even John Piper interviewed him about his message in song and the church plant he is serving alongside.

2. Beth Moore spoke on Romans 12:1-2 about being transformed and renewed in the mind. She said we have the  freedom to change our mind and once we start to change our mind then our actions will change. She also explained the difference between destructive thought patterns and distracting thought patterns. We don’t realize that we get so distracted.

1. Francis Chan probably spoke the most to my heart. He made a statement that he wanted to correct some of the things being said of him since he has left his church in California. He told us that he did not leave the church because he was so godly. He did it because he needed to leave from people who WERE godly. He challenged us to really weigh out what we believe about the Bible and how they matches up in our lives.


Here are the new daily blog themes for the Spring 2011 semester…

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