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So after I got back from Phoenix for the SBC I did a quick turnaround and drove out of town to Greenville to see Carley.

She was an excellent host and took me downtown Greenville to walk around, to Furman to see my friend, and up to the mountaintop. It was quite humorous because as we sat at lunch talking about what we could do when we left everything she suggested was “down by the bridge.” Now if you’ve been downtown then you know about “the bridge” because everything good to do is down there.:)

Looking down from the bridge.


Carley and Tam at the bridge!

The TREE that everyone likes to photograph in the park by the bridge!

From the mountaintop.

Highly recommend getting some ice cream from Spill the Beans ice cream shop “down by the bridge.”


Chocolate ice cream with almonds, marshmallow and brownie – yummmmm!