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So the last month of Summer flew by and held many things I was not expecting. Many of the unexpected things that came my way were not warmly received by me so it made those days seem to disappear knowing that there was much to be done before the kick-off of a new year at CSU. The process that took place just hit at a bad time for me, but I believe in God’s timing it was perfect because He was trying to teach me something. I have not learned the whole thing yet, but I am waiting to see what all He was trying to teach me! I believe that Satan used the lack of communication among me and my superiors to break down my trust and value, and the Lord used people’s humility to build me back up.

Going in to the Freshman Move-in day I was not sure we were ready for that day to be there, but there was no turning back. At this point Clark was in the Dean of Student position and the Campus Minister was yet to be announced. There were moments when it didn’t seem to matter that there wasn’t anyone in that position and then at other times I was frustrated to be carrying the weight on my shoulders. As of last Thursday, it was officially announced that Jon is the new Campus Minister.

Here is the best part of this… DESPITE US…yes, DESPITE us…God showed up and showed out! We had three nights of Grace Awakening. During that time we had 4 salvations, 20+ rededication’s, and 40+ cards from people. We had the opportunity to baptize over 45 people in the CSU Pool. The first week at Elevate we had about 300 people and they were all pumped about worshiping Jesus and Serving in the name of Jesus Christ. Jon shared a message about how we are the Body of Christ must leave each other and serve each other right at our dinner table before we can go outside to the non-believers. The important part is that we MUST get outside of our walls.

Summer is gone and the Fall semester is here…



Bucko the Buccaneer came about over the summer when I was sending devotional booklets to the girls on the Volleyball team. I wanted something to fun to send to the first person and would get passed around throughout the summer to each teammate. I found in my desk drawer a tiny pirate finger puppet that I had bought at the Market downtown. I came up with a whole plan to pass him a long and to take a photo of themselves with Bucko at a hometown landmark. Bucko traveled to Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Pennsylvania and South Carolina this summer. He returned a week ago and has been making appearances around the North Charleston area. In the photo above you can see Bucko partook of a little Moe’s Monday!:)

This year I would invite you to follow @BuckoBuccaneer on Twitter if you want to know when things are happening and find some FREE stuff along the way! Let the adventure begin!




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Check out these girls. I am stoked about this season!:)


Thankful Tuesday! This morning I took some time to go over to the Fieldhouse while the Volleyball team was doing some warm-up drills and watch. I just kind of stood to the side and watched them and as I was there I decided that it might be a good time to just pray over them. Pre-season, so I have learned, is a tough and trying time for the athletes AND the coaches. The Athletes are being pushed hard to prepare for the season and to see how far they will push themselves to be the best they can be. For the coaches they have to work hard to communicate effectively and push the athletes to their maximum potential. They also have to stand and see if the athletes did the summer workouts which are very evident within the first few days of pre-season. I just have a very special and unique bond with the Volleyball Coach and the players too. I hope to spend some time with each of my teams just praying over them for their personal walk with the Lord, their relationships around them, their sportsmanship, leadership and skill on the court, and their academics. Some might find this hands-off and not rewarding, but I have seen the Lord work incredibly through prayers over the last few years. So today I just share a small piece of my Tuesday and my heart! I would ask that anyone who reads this to join me in praying for the CSU Volleyball team this year! 

What a weekend of great times, food and cake!:) Thanks to my mom and second mom, Glo for coming down to visit me. Thanks to my adopted family for celebrating with me after church on Sunday. Thanks to my church friends for the surprise birthday party/bachelorette finale party! Man what a good time!:)

Over the weekend my mom and her best friend came in to town to visit me for my birthday. I have been wanting to go on the Dinner Cruise that leaves out of Patriot’s Point  so we went out on the Harbor for the evening. I purchased tickets online for Friday night and off we went.

We were seated at a 4 person table by ourselves. If you have fewer people you could potentially be sat with other people on the cruise. Or you could pay an upgrade charge to have a table for two. I would recommend if you’re just going with a date that you pay the extra fee for the privacy, the view AND it includes your dessert.:)

The Food was exceptional. They start you off with She Crab soup, Salad and then you have a choice between several entrees. Throughout the cruise and the courses of the meal you’re able to roam about the boat and view the sights along the harbor (i.e. the bridge, the battery, Fort Sumter).

The evening was a blast!

I would recommend it for any special occasion!