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The Lot 53 Journey began when I set the ‘next’ goal after paying off my student loans. I wanted to buy a house! 

Back in November I talked to the Realtor and told her I was wanting to look for a house and she said we would start at the beginning of March so that we had enough time. Move-in has to happen by mid-May. Of course with the busy hectic schedule we have during this time of the school year I was about 2 weeks behind on starting the house hunt. 

I called the Realtor and she got right on sending me listings online to check out. So on March 20th I began receiving those and sorting through them. Some where a little too high in price. Some where too small. Some were too big. Some were too far away. Finally…I got a handful of houses I am sure I kind of like. So Kadie and I decided to drive by a couple of them this week on March 26th to see the outside and the location in reference to CSU. We found this one SUPER cute yellow house that was 4 bedrooms and 3 baths for super cheap I was pretty sure it was the one for me. I talked to Mrs. Connie and she lined up for us to go look at 4 sites on Wednesday, March 28th. The cute yellow one turned out to be under contract. 

The first one we went to was a new construction home in a new neighborhood. I took pictures while there. I tested out the bathrooms and the kitchen. I knew from the walk-through that I liked it a lot and would probably come back to that house. So before taking time on Saturday to continue looking for houses I just told her that I had a peace about this house. So on today, March 31 I put down a written contract for the house on Lot 53.

Talk about being nervous to commit your name to such a massive amount of money! This girl right here was kind of sweating it and I am not even close to the end of this journey. It has only….begun….LOT 53.

Without any further delay…here is the little house I am buying.


CSU @ USC Gamecocks

Posted: March 3, 2012 in General

CSU Lady Bucs Softball shows up and shows out for game one.