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So for the longest time I have been looking forward to my “golden” birthday. They say that your golden birthday is when you turn the age of the day of the month. So for me it is 31 on the 31st. I lucked out to have one so late in life that I could do something fun. Unfortunately, I did not really think about anything radical for my golden birthday so I’ve come up with a list of 31 things I would like to do during my birthday week…yes I celebrate for AT LEAST a week.:)

31 Things for 31 years! (I might start this as a new tradition beyond the golden year.)

1. Take the day off

2. Lunch with Jessie

3. Walk the Bridge

4. Watch the sunrise

5. Spend the day at the beach

6. Build a sandcastle

7. Get froyo with Mel

8. Lunch with Mrs. Connie

9. Skype with Solmaz & Jameson

10. Dinner on my birthday with friends

11. Head out to Red’s for “dessert.”

12. Wash/Clean car

13. Dinner w/ Marci, Mrs. Ramona and Coach

14. Get Sonic Happy Hour w/ Rachel

15. Hang out w/ Faith

16. Get a cupcake from CUPCAKE

17. Get breakfast at Chickfila

18. Paint my toes

19. Take a nap

20. Go swimming

21. Get Jersey Mike’s for lunch

22. Free BIRTHDAY Starbucks drink on Tuesday

23. Sleep in on Tuesday

24. Go to Baskin Robins 31 flavors

25. Madea movie marathon

26. Game night with PT, Eli, Kadie, etc

27. Hang out with Bethany

28. Make 1 Pinterest project

29. Send letter to 3 people who have impacted my life

30. Go to bed early one night

31. Make a bucket list for the next year

Hope to have some pictures to share with you at the end of the week.

I’ve been meaning to write this post since Wednesday but I will get to it today. And I was reminded this morning when I turned on the radio to 95.9 like I do every morning while I’m getting ready for work. If you have not listened to the new station (95.9) here in Charleston then you need to because the jams are pretty much what’s up! They label themselves ‘the hits without the rap.’ Now if you know me then you know that I love rap music too but I’ve not turned it off of this station in weeks. The other morning I turn it on after being away on vacation for a week and they now have a Morning Show by Ace and TJ. I was kind of disappointed because that was one reason why I liked listening to the station in the mornings was because it was all music. It took me a few mornings to get use to them, but I am so glad I stuck it out.

They are doing a campaign right now on the morning show for listeners to “Meet the world…Change the world…Rebuild the world.” They are partnering with World Vision, a child sponsorship program, to sponsor 350 children. I am not sure that the show is meant to be Christian or influenced with Christianity, but World Vision is an organization that many of the Christian Artist and speakers are partnering with around the United States to help save the children around the world.

They had a guy on the show who had finally decide to sponsor a child but had in the past been skeptical of these types of organizations thinking that the money did not go to the things that they said it would. I was the same way for a while, but then I heard stories from the members of Point of Grace about how they went to visit their sponsor child and got to see what their money went to. Point of Grace is partnered with Compassion International and that is who I decided to sponsor a child through. I have a little boy named Jhonatan. He will be turning 12 in september of this year. Now with World Vision I am not sure if there is correspondence with the child but with Compassion you can write letters to your child and they are guaranteed to write back several times a year (some times more if they are older).

So you ask why are you telling me all of this? Well first, I was shocked to hear this on the secular radio station. So I want to commend the Ace & TJ show for doing something great to impact the world. You can find out more about their show here. Second, I have been reading this book, Lioness Arising, by Lisa Brevere and it has been blowing me away. She is talking about all of the injustices in the world and she brings up the point that “justice is more than executing a list of rules.” Isaiah 28:6 says, “Energy and insight of justice to those who guide and decide, strength and prowess to those who guard and protect.” In the book she is telling about her study of the lionesses and the pride that they belong to and the comparison of how Christian women should be acting in a similar fashion. Here is an excerpt from Pursuing Justice…

“Lionesses are fiercely protective of all their pride’s young. A lioness will not endanger another lioness’s cub any more than she’d endanger her own. Lionesses don’t merely hunt together; they mother together. Likewise, we should be committed to putting distance between all the earth’s children and whatever endangers or threatens their lives. It is not enough to be concerned with out own. This means we wage battles at home and abroad. Let’s arise for our neighbors, both near and far.” [excerpt from Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere, page 140-141]

She continues on to say that the Lord spoke to her saying, “Every child deserves an equal chance of survival. Every child needs to be protected, nurtured, trained, and provided for. The welfare of the earth’s children is our post. We need to be strategic in our pursuit of justice for them.” [Lioness Arising, page 143]

So I encourage you to seek the Lord and ask him for clarity about how you could help, protect, provide, train, nurture the children of God.

Sponsor a Child:

World Vision –

Compassion International –

Other ways you can help:



One thing that I have been enjoying this summer as often as I can, but not often enough is something that is completely free [minus the gas to get there]. Take a wild guess…

Walking the Arthur Ravenel Bridge!

I usually park down by the bridge on the Mt. Pleasant side. You can park at the Mt Pleasant Pier/Park or even at the gas station when you come across the bridge. The bridge is about 2 1/2 miles long one way. Most of the times I have been is after work at 5 p.m. so the evening sky in Charleston is always breath taking [even the nights it storms]. If you want to see Charleston from a different angle you should take a little walk up on to the Ravenel Bridge.


Find out more information about the Arthur Ravenel Bridge.

These are some of the sweet faces of Olivia that I took at Moe’s Monday during my dinner date with my sis, Maribeth. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Have you ever heard of Cleveland, Mississippi? How about Delta State University? What about the Fighting Okra?

Last week I flew out to Cleveland, Mississippi to see my best friend, Solmaz! Below are just a few pictures to show you my time visiting and the fun I had. You will also find the TRUE STORY of  ‘Fear the Okra!’

Flight over Tennessee. Should have seen the farm land when I came down for landing in Greenville, MS. There were a total of THREE workers in the whole airport when I arrived. Thankful I did not have to go back to that airport!

And as soon as we arrived we went straight to the TRAIN ROOM. We played with Thomas, Dennis, Henry, Diesel and Edward. Of course, we had to send Woody, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear in the Mr. Cranky elevator.

One of the favorite things I use to love to hear J-Bear say was Cracker (Quack-er). Don’t mind that Bear and R2D2 are along for the ride.

And there is the Delta State Football Stadium. Watch out Cleveland – you’ve never experienced Coach Chadwell.

Solmaz took me on the Cleveland tour of Downtown and Delta State. It took us about 8 minutes. LITERALLY! This town reminded me of the town of Dillon in Friday Night Lights. I told Solmaz she should open a BBQ joint like the Dillon Alumni guy in FNL and host fundraisers for DSU Athletics and host mixer events for the Greek Frats/Sororities. She didn’t like my idea unless I was going to move down and run it. Ha Ha!

I was told we were going to the pool one day. Yeaaaaaahhh about that! It was the kiddie wade pool in Fireman Park! We had fun anyway.

And while me and J-Bear were waiting on Mommy we made the World’s Largest Thomas the Train! He told me to sit and drive the train around the SQUARE house.:)

Pretty sure she did not think this picture would go anywhere, but I am just like that…She is a clown and she is my best friend!

He was not quite sure that he wanted to take ANOTHER pic with Aunt Tam.

had to have a picture together before I left.

With the boys right before Solmaz and I left for Memphis.😦

We found Memphis and we found Graceland. Oh hello Mr. Elvis.

Figured I would take a pic of the sign since we didn’t want to pay $40 to visit the house…excuse me, mansion.

Was told to check out the bbq in Memphis. We stopped at Interstate BBQ off of Third Street. Was kinda sketchy but it was pretty good.

Just another “sign” that we made it to MEMPHIS. Thanks Jamey for the thorough directions. HA! Rather thanks to my GPS.

One last photo before we head to the  airport for me to come back to the Chuck. I love my friend! I am so glad I got to spend my week of vacation with her and the family despite the rain and the lack of entertaining places to visit.

So now we have the TRUE STORY behind FEAR THE OKRA….

So the urban legend is that there was a weed out in the outfield of the baseball field that would keep coming back every time they would pull it up. They thought it was a weed but turns out it was an OKRA plant. Therefore, the FIGHTING OKRA was born. Their actual mascot is the STATESman but it is not very cool so the student body went with the OKRA. Since then, they have been featured on David Letterman, ESPN and the Food Network. The mascot has never been officially changed because the older donors don’t want that to happen so the motto is…

Respect the Statesman. Fear the Okra.

Here is just a taste of the videos that have been put out about the Fighting Okra…

Fear the Okra – Don’t Get Bit.

Or you can check out the website…

Keep up with Coach Chadwell this season by checking out the DSU Football program.

Here is a small preview of the engagement session I did a couple of weekends ago with Amberle and Shannon. They met at CSU and will be getting married in Pickens, SC where he is from. Amberle and I go back a ways with Volleyball and have shared many a laugh together. We started their shoot at Perfectly Frank’s in Summerville and then went to the train tracks and Azalea Park to finish up their shoot.


On Tuesday… It was Nettie’s birthday! We headed up to Wasabi’s Japanese Steakhouse in Summerville for a Birthday Lunch. I don’t eat Sushi which was why she choose Wasabi’s, but I did indulge in the Hibachi Chicken and Fried Rice. Lunch is not quite the same experience as dinner with them cooking in front of you, but the food taste the same! The special taste is the bacon they put in their fried rice! The lunch prices were not bad for the quantity of food. Try it out some time…

The party crew!

These goofballs took a picture of themselves instead of a picture of me and Nettie. Sorry Nettie!