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Going home is some times a task for me because you never know when you gather so many family members together what kind of “flavor” you will get. I was excited to go home this time because I had not seen my family in a couple of months and since the previous visit I had lost around 30 lbs and gone down three sizes in jeans. So that was a wonderful and exciting feat for me to meet my first check-in goal on October 31st of 30 lbs. 


Thankfully we did not have ALL of the family over for dinner so it was nice and enjoyable without people having to be crowded or walking on egg shells. I showed a lot of self control at the dinner table which was quite rewarding. It is always exciting to see my niece and nephews (my how they grow so quickly)! 

After running around on Thanksgiving night at the Black Friday madness with my mom and brother…and then again with my Granny, Aunt and Cousin…I got to have breakfast with my really good friend Sam. Exciting news for her – she got engaged! Exciting news for me – I get to shoot her wedding!:)


I got back to Charleston on Saturday and had time to hang out with Lynette and the family. We had a blast playing Apples to Apples as a family and talking. That was a hoot to see everyone getting into the game. I must say they do not particularly play with similar humor as myself.

I just got back from picking up Baby Ash from the airport from her break. We went to the Outlets and walked around then had lunch and FROZEN YOGURT. Did I tell you that I have found a new addiction?? Yes – I have found a new love of my life. It was nice to sit and talk with her about life and her visit home. I am so thankful to have someone that I can just sit and talk to without having to have an agenda for our time spent together. I think it would be a good visit if we were just together without even speaking. That to me is a great kind of friendship because it isn’t based off of all the give and take. 


Ash and I did talk about how it did not feel like Thanksgiving. I always refrain talking about that with students (especially freshmen) because I do not want to kill the spirit of the holiday season. I know for me when I came to college all of the “family traditions” almost went completely obsolete. What traditions I cared to continue having are kept alive because I initiate them. I am a create of extreme habit so traditions are a positive in my life because it is something you can expect to happen every time therefore creating habit! What are some of your “family traditions” at this time of the year (i.e.: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years)? For me, I am a huge fan of Christmas so we always have put up our Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving. I enjoy it so much that I don’t mind putting them up even before Thanksgiving because it gives me longer to look at them. I also travel some during this season so it cuts back on my time to enjoy them at my apartment. I put mine up the week before Thanksgiving and then put my Granny’s up while home for Thanksgiving. Why do you think traditions “change?” What do you believe that traditions are important? 

Hoping to spend some time reflecting on things and sharing fun things I find during the Holiday season. JOY to the World!! 

What a weekend of great times, food and cake!:) Thanks to my mom and second mom, Glo for coming down to visit me. Thanks to my adopted family for celebrating with me after church on Sunday. Thanks to my church friends for the surprise birthday party/bachelorette finale party! Man what a good time!:)

In the next month, I hope to do the following TEN things…

1. Go to Cupcake (downtown).

2. Finish my TEN Random Acts of Kindness.

3. Paint a picture

4. Sit in Barnes and Noble and read some magazines.

5. Get some crab dip from RED’s ICEHOUSE.

6. Go see a movie in the theater.

7. Walk on the beach with the family

8. Get a Rocky Road Milkshake from Ye Ole Fashion

9. Take a boat out  into the Harbor (maybe the Charleston Thriller?)

10. Watch the Sunset from the beach/harbor

4th of July Fun!

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Throwin’ down at the Farm…

So I have been super slack lately on keeping my life updated on this blog. I’m not going to lie…I’ve been super lazy and tired too by the time I sit down at night. This summer has been hopping pretty good most of the days.

May 2010:

Well before I could realize it everyone was packed and out of here for summer break. Graduation was like every year – proud of my kids, but sad to see them move on! Michael did a great job on the Class Speech!

Been playing a lot of Rummikub with the roommates. I mean I tend to dominate them every night. I have a strategy and so far it has not been broken.

June 2010:

I got to do something new for this summer. I brought my Godson, Joseph, back down to Charleston with me one weekend that I went home and he got to stay with me for a couple of days. I think overall he had fun and so did I. I am excited to see the young man that he is becoming.

This is the month when the designing and planning and organizing really begins… I am working on the Summer To-Do list that Clark and I always type up to keep us on track to accomplish many things.

I have gotten a lot of time to spend with the Davis family. Lauren went on a mission trip to Peru. It’s weird because I feel like a proud aunt, protective big sister, and some moments even like a second mother! I am extremely proud of her for serving the Lord through international missions.

Went to SBC in Orlando, FL. I worked the CSU booth for most of the time. I did get to eat at the Cheesecake Factory (twice) and I got to see Dustin for a little bit. I got several ideas for designing and booth ideas for the future. Speaking of the booth – I am “kinda” (just kinda) looking forward to next year which will be in Phoenix, Arizona. I also met a really cool student (Emily) from Cedarville University who sings with HeartSong (kind of like CSU’s New Vision singing ensemble). Check them out some time…

I am going home this weekend for my dad’s 60th birthday party. I can’t believe it. Should be a good time to see friends and family. My mom asked me to speak at it and I am not sure what I am actually going to say.

I got to catch up with my best friend from home, Kaye, in Myrtle Beach. Went to lunch with her, Ben and Jack. Little guy is growing up so much! (see below)

Recently been spending more time with Heather and Michael. Of course, its easy to find time so I can hold precious London! But we have been watching The Bachelorette together and talk about all of the NON-SENSE these guys say and do!

And…. I had to have some dental work done. YES! I am the crazy weirdo who takes a pic of them working in my mouth. haha!

Lookie what finally made its way down south to the Chickfila! The new SPICY Chicken sandwich.Definitely made an appearance the first day it arrived.


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The weeks just seem to be getting longer and full of events each day. Do you feel the pressure of stretching yourself out more on a daily basis? Is this just in my head? Being a person who rarely says no.. I am beginning to find that word and concept very appetizing. I listen to people asking me if I every sleep or if I ever have “Tam time?” I find myself making up reasons why I DON’T have those things in my schedule.

Volleyball, Softball and Soccer… I could probably talk for a about 1200 characters on this topic. I have been so excited with how God is using me (such a faulty vessel) to befriend, love, and serve the female athletes. My heart has been sold out to the volleyball players this year. I feel like there are more of them who “GET IT!” I am continuing to pray for revival in their hearts, minds and souls. God has definitely shown me favor with them as they have let me in and show me love in return. Some of the most encouraging moments are when they smile, they win their game, they ate up some banana pudding, and some of them shared some prayer requests with me. Not only in Volleyball but reaching out to Women’s Basketball girls and trying to encourage them, shooting some awesome pics of those Soccer girls who are just plain WILD! and then making some slow progress with some of the softball girls. If they read this – I want to tell you that I love each of you and I am here for you no matter what. Please know I am praying for you to come to a understanding about a real and transparent relationship with Jesus! Please talk to me any time.


Elevate is going well. We have been doing a series on three things that Jesus values the most… His People, Our Hearts, and the Glory of God! As the semester brings more papers, exams, and extracurricular activities we tend to see more people drop off from coming to Elevate’s worship time. As a leader and passionate person for people to come together and worship.. I am not sure why they prioritize other things more important than being in the presence of the Holy Spirit among other believers. But on the flip side I am critical towards the efforts we put in to the worship time, in to the service station, in to the relationships we are building! Just a reminder to myself and others.. Elevate’s vision is to be the campus worship experience that encourages students to grow closer to God and to each other!!! In the next couple of weeks we will have some special evenings and then we will return into a new three-week series called “Tell Me a Story…” Check out the Elevate facebook group to see upcoming details.

Family: My niece and nephews are growing like crazy. I can’t wait to see them in a couple of weeks. I will post pics then. My brother recently got in an accident at work and had to have surgery on his eye. He is doing much better says my mom!:) I am so excited to spend time with my granny and my mom and my aunt when I go home. There is nothing like home some times. I know I am one of the last to actually go home, but I do LOVE the people who have given so much to and for me!  I have also really found family down here in Charleston. Me and PT have  just hit it off so well (never was any kind of doubt about that!) but we like having Computer Lab parties with the siblings or the boys!:) I am also trying to spend more time with my Davis family too. Jachin is growing soooo big! IMG_0545IMG_0658IMG_0672

Savannah! I’ve had very few people that I have had an instant connection and deep friendship with like I’ve had with Savvy. The bad thing.. She is leaving in January til the end of March for study abroad program in Costa Rica. I am so excited for her experience, but I am completely sad I will not have her around here to hug, give a hard time, “shame” with, or have sleepovers. I am excited to see what God will do in her life. Is it wrong of me to be selfish and not want to let her go? (Don’t answer.. I know the answer!) I just needed to get that out of my mouth.


Some of you might have read a previous post about Praying for Christopher. This is a guy I have been talking to that is in the US Marines stationed in Japan. He left two weeks ago for a training mission to the Philippines and South Korea. He is out on the field for about 7 weeks. I didn’t think I would get to talk to him at all but he has been online a couple of times so far. He is doing well and appreciates your prayers. Keep praying for his safety as they had some navy guys get attached by a roadside bomb threat. Also, pray that as he returns to the states in December he will prepare for starting college at CSU.:) I will keep you posted on his whereabouts and all.

I have been reading more again! I was determined when I finish my MBA I was going to read all of these great books that I had bought for Christmas and my birthday. To my dismay… my head went on strike to reading anything for a good 8 months now. I was doing good to just read consistently in my Bible. But I finally have picked up some of these books PLUS some to begin my challenge of reading at least 12 – 15 books a year. Currently, I am reading Forgotten God (Francis Chan), Fifty Reasons Jesus Came to Die (J. Piper), Unexpected Adventures (Lee Strobel), and the book of Hebrews in the Bible. Talk about cramming some good theology into my mind and heart! What are you feeding yourself with?

Nicole & Valentin’s Wedding

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This weekend I took a trip home to see family and to shoot pictures for a family friend who I have been friends with since she was born. Times like these make it even more special that I get to be so involved one of the most important days of her life. She is probably the most laid back person I have ever met and was completely displayed in this ceremony. It was held at a Greek Orthodox church in Florence which was gorgeous, and a new experience for many who attended this service. Here are just a few of the 800 pictures I snapped that day.

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