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Have you ever heard of Cleveland, Mississippi? How about Delta State University? What about the Fighting Okra?

Last week I flew out to Cleveland, Mississippi to see my best friend, Solmaz! Below are just a few pictures to show you my time visiting and the fun I had. You will also find the TRUE STORY of ย ‘Fear the Okra!’

Flight over Tennessee. Should have seen the farm land when I came down for landing in Greenville, MS. There were a total of THREE workers in the whole airport when I arrived. Thankful I did not have to go back to that airport!

And as soon as we arrived we went straight to the TRAIN ROOM. We played with Thomas, Dennis, Henry, Diesel and Edward. Of course, we had to send Woody, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear in the Mr. Cranky elevator.

One of the favorite things I use to love to hear J-Bear say was Cracker (Quack-er). Don’t mind that Bear and R2D2 are along for the ride.

And there is the Delta State Football Stadium. Watch out Cleveland – you’ve never experienced Coach Chadwell.

Solmaz took me on the Cleveland tour of Downtown and Delta State. It took us about 8 minutes. LITERALLY! This town reminded me of the town of Dillon in Friday Night Lights. I told Solmaz she should open a BBQ joint like the Dillon Alumni guy in FNL and host fundraisers for DSU Athletics and host mixer events for the Greek Frats/Sororities. She didn’t like my idea unless I was going to move down and run it. Ha Ha!

I was told we were going to the pool one day. Yeaaaaaahhh about that! It was the kiddie wade pool in Fireman Park! We had fun anyway.

And while me and J-Bear were waiting on Mommy we made the World’s Largest Thomas the Train! He told me to sit and drive the train around the SQUARE house.๐Ÿ™‚

Pretty sure she did not think this picture would go anywhere, but I am just like that…She is a clown and she is my best friend!

He was not quite sure that he wanted to take ANOTHER pic with Aunt Tam.

had to have a picture together before I left.

With the boys right before Solmaz and I left for Memphis.๐Ÿ˜ฆ

We found Memphis and we found Graceland. Oh hello Mr. Elvis.

Figured I would take a pic of the sign since we didn’t want to pay $40 to visit the house…excuse me, mansion.

Was told to check out the bbq in Memphis. We stopped at Interstate BBQ off of Third Street. Was kinda sketchy but it was pretty good.

Just another “sign” that we made it to MEMPHIS. Thanks Jamey for the thorough directions. HA! Rather thanks to my GPS.

One last photo before we head to the ย airport for me to come back to the Chuck. I love my friend! I am so glad I got to spend my week of vacation with her and the family despite the rain and the lack of entertaining places to visit.

So now we have the TRUE STORY behind FEAR THE OKRA….

So the urban legend is that there was a weed out in the outfield of the baseball field that would keep coming back every time they would pull it up. They thought it was a weed but turns out it was an OKRA plant. Therefore, the FIGHTING OKRA was born. Their actual mascot is the STATESman but it is not very cool so the student body went with the OKRA. Since then, they have been featured on David Letterman, ESPN and the Food Network. The mascot has never been officially changed because the older donors don’t want that to happen so the motto is…

Respect the Statesman. Fear the Okra.

Here is just a taste of the videos that have been put out about the Fighting Okra…

Fear the Okra – Don’t Get Bit.

Or you can check out the website…

Keep up with Coach Chadwell this season by checking out the DSU Football program.

Look at that face! It is truly worth more than a thousand words!

This is Jameson and Solmaz. They use to be Charlestonians, but moved to the upstate when Jamey got the head coach job at North Greenville University. I miss our friendship that we were just starting to grow when they got the call to move up there.๐Ÿ˜ฆ Since they moved they had a baby boy, Jameson, on July 30th (day before my birthday) so of course I have a kindred spirit with him. It definitely helps that he is super cute. He “calls” me Aunt Tam!๐Ÿ™‚

This photo is of the reunion on September 4th when CSU football played North Greenville. Solmaz, Jameson and I got to hang out for a little bit.๐Ÿ™‚ I value the time spent and look forward to more memories and friendship with them. I believe that the Lord knows the PERFECT time to send friends along the way (for both of us)!

More photos from our reunion:

So these past couple of weeks have been intense with many activities going on around the campus. I have taken so many pictures just in the last two weeks that I am sure my fingers wish my heart didn’t love doing it! haha! I am going to try to photo-document some highlights.

Volleyball wins three big games in the Buc Dome, had a tough Senior Weekend and went to semi-finals in the BSC Championship!

Women’s Basketball kicks off in the BUC dome…

Football comes to an end…

Spending some time with friends who I won’t be hanging out with much in the next 6 months or so…

Miss CSU 2010, Amy Stender…was fun!

This weekend the CSU BUCS went to Gainesville, Florida to the SWAMP to play the University of Florida Gators. I traveled down to Florida with Savvy, Matt and Clint. It was a long trip to drive down and back in one day. We arrived back to Charleston at 4:30 a.m. Some fun times:

  • we enjoyed some boiled peanuts on the way down
  • motel 6 with just the 4 of us
  • Savannah slept the WHOLE way back!
  • “Now how does it work that they called us up to play us and pay us $450,000 to beat us?” – Clint to Tam; Pause……”Or did they email us!” – Clint; “hahahhahahhahahhhaha” – Matt
  • frat house road crossers xing
  • Matt singing Hey, YOU There and I’m on a Boat!
  • being welcomed by some people with some explicit language.
  • Worship service in the car at 3 a.m.
  • hitting curbs in the middle of University of Florida’s campus
  • “Are they saying Sigfreid?” – Clint to Matt about the lyrics to Sweet Dreams (Beyonce)
  • Where’s Waldo? — 5 miles ahead!

Below are some of the pictures from the weekend:

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IMG_5959 copy

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IMG_6245 copyIMG_6438 copy

IMG_6579 copyIMG_6584 copy

IMG_6692 copyIMG_6714 copy

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IMG_6782 copy

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