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This week I am wishing I could find some cool apps for my iPhone, iPad and Macbook! Does anyone have any suggestions of Apps I should add to my Wish List?

Top Ten Thursday

Posted: December 30, 2010 in General
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Here we are at the last Thursday of the year 2010… I think it would only be appropriate to have a top ten list recapping the year. I know you’re thinking oh no she just wrote a LONG post recapping the year yesterday…yes I did! But this is going to be the top ten photos I forgot I took on my iPhone in the year 2010.


Ashley crawling in the grass at the Big South Track Meet held at CSU!


They forgot heard me wrong on this order. I asked for an egg and cheese mcgriddle meal. They gave me the mcgriddle plain with eggs on the side. Oh MCDONALDS!!


Trying to get a pic of the cute guy who was sitting behind us at the Chickfila one day. My roommate is REAL sneaky!:)


I was boring her with my drama! CLEARLY!


I know this one is gross, but this is one of the many nasty toilets I’ve cleaned this year. SHAME!


Welcome back to South Carolina! This was taken on our way back in to SC from our road trip to Kansas.


Definitely took a pic of me getting a root canal done! Only I would take a pic of this… I know!


Our obsession with the Bachelorette this summer led to some absurd tattooing and baking!:)


Ok – So I did not forget I had this, but I am glad I found it again!:) Berle – never know what you’re going to get!


Not real sure what he was doing. SHould we even ask????

Despite the scarce posts I am trying to think what could I put on the blog tonight…Summertime always brings a different pace of life, different agenda, different TV shows, different activities, different music. So this is just a top ten of summer 2010 stuff.

10. Cranberry Limeade from Sonic. Nuff Said.

9. Incredibooth application for the iPhone. MONEY!

8. Check out This is a new place to listen to music online.

7. Planning for Fall 2010 at CSU has been intense yet super exciting.

6. Discovered Joshua Radin (via The Bachelorette) – His CD ‘Song under the Streetlights’ is legit.

5. Doing 10 Random Acts of Kindness

4. The new iPhone 4G is released! (Don’t worry I got my upgrade!)

3. Letters to Juliet Movie. Good girly film for all you romantics.

2. Bachelorette Season 6 with Ali Fedotowsky has been drama-filled and exciting every episode.

1. Road trip with Kendrick and Trey to Kansas.

iPhone 4G

Posted: June 9, 2010 in General
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Oooooo I am so excited for this!!! Who wouldn’t be though with the slammin’ upgrades they did to the already wonderful iPhone. Check out the new design.

Top Ten Thursday (on Friday)

Posted: September 25, 2009 in General
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These are my top ten iPhone photos from the past couple of months!

From 10 to 1: