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I can’t believe that in just a few short weeks that summer break will already be here. My motto these last couple of days is that “summer is tomorrow!” This year has been good, but tough. It has built character, but full of trials. What is it about summer being so close causes you to lose all motivation to do anything productive?

I think when you function on an academic schedule especially for so many years you come to appreciate the summer time even more because that is the time you get to rejuvenate and think and play and relax and catch up with old friends and plan and the list could go on. After this year a summer break is highly anticipated. Knowing that the work load may lighten a bit, I think the thought load might increase!

I have a feeling one of the upcoming Top Ten list will be favorite things to do during the summer or 10 places I plan to go this summer or maybe 10 people I hope to reconnect with this summer.:)

What about you? What is about summer that tends to spark your energy or excitement? Does the summer time help you to get back on your feet and refocus? What will you be doing this summer?


Today’s top ten list is a spin off from tonight at Elevate when we used play doh to make a design for a prize. So we will stick with Things to make with Playdoh as the subject of the Top Ten List.

10. Food










9.  Cars/Trucks/Bikes

8. Science Project (ie: volcano)

7. A Playdoh movie

6. Animals

5. Family of people

4. Words

3. Jewelry

2. Cross

1. Mr. Potato Head