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I would have to say that the photo for this week would have to be…

Why? Well the Lady Bucs have been struggling to strike hot and gain a WIN on their record for weeks now and they went in not sure they remembered what Winning looked like or felt like! They walked out a little more confident and aware that they have some drive left in them. Looking to see what COULD be and SHOULD be over the next couple of weeks.

Haven’t done this one in a while so I thought I would make an effort to complete a post for this week’s Top Ten Thursday. How about the top ten photos I took this week Downtown Charleston with the Digital Photography class Scavenger Hunt.













Here are some pics from The Burgess wedding I did in June 2011. Enjoyed being with this couple for engagement shoot and their wedding day.

One of the things I have been looking at and thinking about is a Fisheye Lens for my Canon 50D. I use to have a fisheye wide-angle macro lens attachment for my old Canon Rebel which is why I am interested in that again. It is just a fun lens to have that gives you a unique and fun perspective on the picture you’re trying to capture. See some example photos taken with a fish eye lens.

Taken by Flickr User: Uhlenhorst

Photo taken by Pixel Blur Photography

Photo taken by Bill Fanseca

This is one of those items I am saving some change for! What’s on your wish list?

Fun times downtown Charleston with Bryan and Sarah today. January 30, 2011 and it was 72 degrees out! Nothing finer than shootin’ engagement pictures in South Carolina!:) Never knew making a heart with your hands could be so tough…but so funny! Also, special thanks to Rachael for her assistance.


I am a little late on posting this from yesterday…

I have been looking through blogs lately and I realized that once I came across one cool blog then I would find myself looking for more just like it. For instance; one of the things I started out looking for engagement photographs and then I went into children and then I went in to crafts to make with children and then I went in to how to design a cool website and then back to my photography!

See I started out with a purpose and ended up learning and being inspired a long the way. I typically search for inspirational messages and talks when I am about to send out an encouraging word to a friend OR if I am giving a pre-game speech. I like to look for ideas to make me a better photography and designer. Some times I am just nosey and want to see what is happening with my friends and family by keeping up with their blogs about life.

Do you ever do this? If so, what kind of blogs do you read? Why do you read blogs? Do you have any to suggest?

Talk back!

It is here… CSU Fall 2010 semester is underway! We all survived the long hours and consecutive days of working non-stop for Freshman Move-in, Orientation and the first week of classes. Now that we are getting closer to a routine…

What do you want to look out? I am going to try to blog daily if time allows but each day will focus on something different so that we don’t get bored with the monotony of the daily grind AND it forces me to be stretched to think outside of the box.

Mondays  – Mindful Monday (deeper into my thoughts OR ways to be mindful of others)

Tuesdays – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words… (photography)

Wednesdays – Where am I…? (in my walk with the Lord)

Thursdays – By popular demand…Top Ten Thursday (things 2 check out, things 2 do, people 2 meet, songs 2 hear, etc)

Fridays – Fan Page (talking about TV shows)

Saturdays – Simply Sports (Learning a sport, CSU sports, Christian Competitiveness)

Sundays – Will be my Sabbath (or Catch up day).