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Here are some pics from The Burgess wedding I did in June 2011. Enjoyed being with this couple for engagement shoot and their wedding day.

Went to the Windy City last week to visit Ashley and Mrs. Molly. It was perfect timing because it turned out to be just us girls at the house. It was a very quick trip but I am extremely grateful for the few days I got to spend with them. Monday was the day I flew in and got settled in. Tuesday we went to Swedish Days in Geneva and I got to see my buddies Tiffany and Ashley in St. Charles. Wednesday was our downtown Chicago day topped off with a baseball game between Crosstown Rivals. Thursday came before I knew it and I was back on a plane to Greenville. Some of the major highlights are below in pics (as if I would do it any other way)!

Mrs. Molly made me my own Ice Cream cake that Ashley always talks about. Cookies and Cream…

Walking around Swedish Days in Geneva with Ashley…

And the finished product – HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY TO ME!🙂

Me and the bestie at Myles’ hockey game against the old people. PS – It was FREEZING in there!

How you doin’ @12???

My buddy Tonka hanging out in Ashley’s room! He would come in and get in bed with me every morning.

We met up with Kayla in the city and walked around all day long. This was all of us at the BEAN in Millennium Park.

The City Skyline in the reflection of the BEAN. Such a cool picture!

We walked so many blocks to get down to Navy Pier. We ended up walking through there and eating at Margaritaville. Then we headed to find the Redline to get down to the Whitesox Stadium.

Saying goodbye was not my favorite by any mean!

Hanging with Ashley by Fox River in St. Charles.

These are just a few highlights from that trip. I enjoyed every minute of it.


Last week I went out to Phoenix, Arizona for the annual Southern Baptist Convention with Clark and Skip. 
The cool thing is that one of my senior volleyball girls from CSU is from Phoenix so I had a native tour guide 
while out there. The flight went from Charleston to Houston to Phoenix. As you know I love taking pictures so 
I tried to document as many of the sights as I could. You might recall seeing some on facebook or twitter and 
in the last post I shared some of the pictures from Chase Baseball Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

In flight...
(Flight over Arizona.)
(First time I've flown Southwest Airlines - It worked out well!)
(Looking over Arizona)
Sights to see...

(Lookout from the top of South Mountain)
(The mountains of Phoeniz)
(Me standing beside the Cactus on the side of South Mountain)
(Drove through ASU - Arizona State University)
(Me and Tricia at the top of South Mountain)
(Decided to see one of my favorite shows ever, ANNIE, at the local theater.)

(Arizona Diamondbacks game with Clark against the Giants)
(Chase Field (Arizona Diamondbacks) and US Airways Center (Phoenix Suns) arenas from my hotel)

CSU Business at the SBC 2011...

(I opened about 1000 of these individually packaged yo-yos)
(These cute kids who came by the booth to get a yo-yo)

Random pictures that don't belong...
(Rev. Billy Combover)
(Diggin' the hair-do dude!)
(Where can I get me one of those outfits?)
(How many people can you pack on the light rail train?)
(Mladin - The hotel security officer! My new crush!)

Foto Friday

Posted: April 29, 2011 in General
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It has been quite a while since I’ve spent any time on the blog. I figured while I was uploading some of the pictures from my phone right now I would take a minute to post a blog. Here is this Friday’s foto…

This is Erin…she has been like a little sister to me since 2007. It is hard to believe that she is a senior in high school this year. She and her friend, Jessica, came down to Charleston this week to visit and to crash on my couch during their Spring Break. It is always fun to see Erin (or any of the Taylors for that matter). I look forward to watching you grow up little Sissy!

Foto Friday

Posted: February 25, 2011 in General
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Today is that day when I think about a picture that stands out to me that either sums up my life that week, something I am hopeful for, or a cool picture I’ve snapped a long the way.

It’s so hard to decide which picture stands out to me the most…

This is my nephew. He came down from playing upstairs after church and was dressed in full gear. I love his imagination and confidence.

4th of July Fun!

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Throwin’ down at the Farm…

Too soon?

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Today was PT’s birthday so I cooked her (as requested) a homemade pumpkin pie. I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin, but it was pretty darn good if I must say so myself.😉

Following the dinner party we decided we needed something to do. A couple of ideas were tossed around and we finally came up with decorating our Christmas tree. For some this is a completely foreign and unlawful act, but if you could have only heard the Christmas Spirit!!!

See documentation below: