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This edition of Top Ten Thursday will be dedicated to Julie (aka PT) and Eli (aka #mainattraction) since they are getting married this weekend. These are ten memories that I have with my two precious friends.

10. Eli on the FCA Crunk Video – “Jesus is my dawg!”

9. Looking for an apartment together and the number one priority was the swimming pool. We ended up in Ingleside with the pool paradise. Thank goodness because she would have been miserable otherwise. (NOTE: If you need to take a lesson in priorities just talk to PT! ;-))

8. The summer that we became sisters with Pt, Shelly and Nettie. We had many a night of laughing, talking and non-sense. Especially if the other sisters joined us.

7. Spending time with Eli praying and talking about ministry. Every time I sit and talk to him I always leave encouraged and charged up ready to go to work. The Lord has changed Eli and has been using him inexpressible ways.

6. Baltimore Mission Trips. First year to Baltimore I remember when Eli and some of the guys were convinced they needed to go out at midnight to talk to the homeless men. Then a different kind of memory comes from the third year when PT rode up with us. Roadtrips with PT are always fun and laugh-filled!

5. There are so many other moments with PT that come to mind – Glamor shots, decorating for Christmas on her bday (Nov 4), garbage disposal parties, the junk in her car, yard sale materials, TONYYYYYY!, vacations, etc.

4. The day I walked in the apartment and Nae and PT were making a music video to “Don’t Be Tardy for the Party!”  I wish I could find the link to this.

3. Cruising 2010! That was fun when we went to the Bahamas and Key West. We have memories of packing and planning the trip. All of the surprise guests that we picked up as we loaded the boat. The shows, food and sights! And who could forget the Magician, Mushir Alam. I’d Rather Be Cruisin’!

2. Easter 2011! This was the week of parties at the Hamptons! And the beginning of #mainattraction! We played a lot of sequence and milk pong!

1. Living with PT for two years was a blast. I never knew what I would walk into, but those days, months, years were probably the best time for me to grow even more out of my shell. I think it also was a gift from the Lord for us to grow closer to him through worship in spirit and truth. We had some great talks, learning experiences and laughs.

What’s the story?

It was middle of the day me and PT randomly decided to take a trip to get food and that turned in to picking up Nae from the Quadjects for another random stop… the Halloween Express store (to make a return). After a pit stop at Chickfila, an exchange at Halloween Express we ended up at Walmart. That’s where we discovered my “NEW EYES!”

PT has been harassing me about getting new glasses…so!!! Problem solved!

I asked my Granny is she liked my new specks and she responded with “yeaaaa they look good (questionable if she believed what she was saying)!”

I asked Tyler and he said, “yea.” (mind you he never looked up before saying he liked them.)

so what do you think?

CSU Graduation 2010

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Too soon?

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Today was PT’s birthday so I cooked her (as requested) a homemade pumpkin pie. I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin, but it was pretty darn good if I must say so myself.😉

Following the dinner party we decided we needed something to do. A couple of ideas were tossed around and we finally came up with decorating our Christmas tree. For some this is a completely foreign and unlawful act, but if you could have only heard the Christmas Spirit!!!

See documentation below:


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