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Over the weekend my mom and her best friend came in to town to visit me for my birthday. I have been wanting to go on the Dinner Cruise that leaves out of Patriot’s Point  so we went out on the Harbor for the evening. I purchased tickets online for Friday night and off we went.

We were seated at a 4 person table by ourselves. If you have fewer people you could potentially be sat with other people on the cruise. Or you could pay an upgrade charge to have a table for two. I would recommend if you’re just going with a date that you pay the extra fee for the privacy, the view AND it includes your dessert.:)

The Food was exceptional. They start you off with She Crab soup, Salad and then you have a choice between several entrees. Throughout the cruise and the courses of the meal you’re able to roam about the boat and view the sights along the harbor (i.e. the bridge, the battery, Fort Sumter).

The evening was a blast!

I would recommend it for any special occasion!

This weekend we had a Party for the 4th of July. I was thankful for some amazing food, but the spread my mom was over and above. There is nothing like home cooking that is familiar to your taste buds. Below are a couple of pics from the party menu:

Well over the last 5 days I have been traveling out to Phoenix, Arizona and around the city. I’ve got three suggestions for places to go eat if in the Phoenix area! Two of these places are local to Phoenix and the third one is a place you can always check out around the US.

1. Networks Bar and Grill (located in the Hyatt Regency Phoenix Hotel) has the best salad called the Network’s Salad. I had grilled chicken added to the top of fresh greens along with crumbled bleu cheese, craisins and glazed pecans topped off with some homemade balsamic vinaigrette. Not only were all of the ingredients superb to the taste buds, but the portion size was unreal. I also ordered some Sweet Potato Fries with this dipping sauce. You know me, I am a sucker for sweet potato fries!:) I am still not sure what the dipping sauce was but it was absolutely tastey on the buds too! (see photo below)

2. Paradise Bakery (located one block from Phoenix Convention Center on 2nd St) is “known for their cookies.” I had a half and half combo with a sandwich and salad. It is a  lot like Atlanta Bread Company. I guess I am stuck on some blue cheese crumbles, but I got the Crumbly Blue Cheese salad with a Tuscon Chicken sandwich. I was not a HUGE fan of the sandwich because it was a cold-cut and I guess I was expecting a warm sandwich with the chicken on it. The salad was unbelievable. I think it was probably comparable to Outback’s bleu cheese salad. Ohhhh and their chocolate cookies were pretty good – I would go back just for a snack!

3. The Cheesecake Factory would be the final suggestion thus  far in Phoenix. I went twice while I have been here. The first time I went with Tricia Rodl (CSU Alumni Volleyball Player) and I got my usual for Cheesecake Factory which was the Chicken Salad Sandwich and Sweet Potato Fries. The second time I went with Clark and Ralph & Sherry Jett from SC. This time I branched out and ordered Pasta Carbonara. It was good but I am partial to the Chicken Salad Sandwich. I tend to get my taste buds wrapped around certain things at certain restaurants and I don’t like to change my order. The second time I ordered some famous cheesecake too…the White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. #1 recommendation for me! A must try!

Last night I decided to cook something that would be semi-healthy since I am trying to get inspired to lose some weight over the next couple of months. It turned out pretty tasty and satisfying.


Lean Chicken Breasts (cut up)

Garlic Salt

Ground Pepper

Canola oil

Soy Sauce

Whole grain spaghetti pasta

Light Alfredo Sauce

Sliced carrots

How to make:

Cook pasta to preferred texture. Sautee carrots in soy sauce for a couple of minutes. Sautee chicken in canola oil, garlic salt, ground pepper until done. Use a little bit of Soy sauce for some flavor at the end before taking the chicken out. Mix in  2 tablespoons of Light Alfredo sauce into the desired amount of pasta. Add chicken and carrots to the top. Serve immediately!

Photo of the finished dish! 




I am not sure I am going to get out and about today for the taste buds today so I recently went to a restaurant that I’ve been to before. This time I was feeling adventurous and decided to get  something I would normally never get because I am not a big person of change.

Ashley and I went to Sesame Burgers over off of Park Circle in North Charleston. Now like I told you last week when I went to P-Franks I am a sucker for sweet potato fries which Sesame definitely has some of the best around this area.

So as I was looking at the menu, I told Ashley I wanted to be adventurous because that night we were just flying by the seat of our pants anyway. She laughed at me because I am not usually very spontaneous and she had no idea what she was in for. So the waitress comes over and I start asking questions. DUH! Gotta get reviews from the waitstaff, right? They probably eat the food.

What did I end up ordering? I went with the MEMPHIS Burger and Sweet Potato Fries!

What is the MEMPHIS Burger? Hamburger with housemade peanut butter, bacon and banana slices. Sounds delicious right? Probably not a combo you would have thought up, but I am here to tell you that your taste buds will thoroughly enjoy the goodness of this burger.

So the experience and the food were splendid. I highly recommend Sesame to those who are looking for a good burger and maybe some fun! Tuesday nights are $3 burgers and Wednesdays are trivia. Get there!

Check them out online for locations, times and menus… Sesame Burgers.

This week I went to dinner with Corey and Becky. Corey said, “Let’s go to Matt’s Burgers in Summerville!” So I agreed and we made our way over to Matt’s Burgers off of Main Street in Summerville. We walked up and this is what we discovered…

Corey was not happy.

So instead we went to a local favorite spot…Perfectly Frank’s (recently moved to Main Street) in Summerville.

I got the Frank the Tank and Sweet Potato fries. If you like  Hot Dogs…you gotta try it out. If you like sweet potato fries…you gotta get there and get some.  Below are some photos so you can get a taste of the experience!

Highly recommend Perfectly Frank’s in Summerville! Check them out on Facebook too.

What should I blog about this summer? As you can tell I struggled to blog this last semester on the topics like Mindful Monday and Why Not? Wednesdays. Too much time and thought to be put in to those topics so I never got around to them because I stayed busy and tired. I hope to spend some more thoughtful time this summer talking through my blog.

Manic Monday – this one does not have a description.

Taste buds Tuesday – Taking a challenge to try new foods at old restaurants or try a new restaurants all together. OR it might be a new recipe I try at home.

Wish List Wednesday – I am always trying to get new gadgets or fashionable outfits and so I am going to start a wish list.

Tourist Thursday – I am going to try to do one touristy thing each week and I will blog about it.

Free on Friday – Free advice, Free resources, Free things to do, Free time

Speak to me Saturday – Talk about something that has spoken to me this week.

Read on! Enjoy the summer!