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This edition of Top Ten Thursday will be dedicated to Julie (aka PT) and Eli (aka #mainattraction) since they are getting married this weekend. These are ten memories that I have with my two precious friends.

10. Eli on the FCA Crunk Video – “Jesus is my dawg!”

9. Looking for an apartment together and the number one priority was the swimming pool. We ended up in Ingleside with the pool paradise. Thank goodness because she would have been miserable otherwise. (NOTE: If you need to take a lesson in priorities just talk to PT! ;-))

8. The summer that we became sisters with Pt, Shelly and Nettie. We had many a night of laughing, talking and non-sense. Especially if the other sisters joined us.

7. Spending time with Eli praying and talking about ministry. Every time I sit and talk to him I always leave encouraged and charged up ready to go to work. The Lord has changed Eli and has been using him inexpressible ways.

6. Baltimore Mission Trips. First year to Baltimore I remember when Eli and some of the guys were convinced they needed to go out at midnight to talk to the homeless men. Then a different kind of memory comes from the third year when PT rode up with us. Roadtrips with PT are always fun and laugh-filled!

5. There are so many other moments with PT that come to mind – Glamor shots, decorating for Christmas on her bday (Nov 4), garbage disposal parties, the junk in her car, yard sale materials, TONYYYYYY!, vacations, etc.

4. The day I walked in the apartment and Nae and PT were making a music video to “Don’t Be Tardy for the Party!”  I wish I could find the link to this.

3. Cruising 2010! That was fun when we went to the Bahamas and Key West. We have memories of packing and planning the trip. All of the surprise guests that we picked up as we loaded the boat. The shows, food and sights! And who could forget the Magician, Mushir Alam. I’d Rather Be Cruisin’!

2. Easter 2011! This was the week of parties at the Hamptons! And the beginning of #mainattraction! We played a lot of sequence and milk pong!

1. Living with PT for two years was a blast. I never knew what I would walk into, but those days, months, years were probably the best time for me to grow even more out of my shell. I think it also was a gift from the Lord for us to grow closer to him through worship in spirit and truth. We had some great talks, learning experiences and laughs.

This week’s Top Ten Thursday is going to be dedicated to some of my top ten twitter friends…

10. @csuelevate

9. @cflemmingrun

8. @aliii_lew

7. @Nicole_Bromley

6. @pastor_tank

5. @kt_25

4. @soupcan15

3. @waziKbabee

2. @taraleighcobble

1. @csusports

Who would you say you read their tweets even if it takes you a few minutes to scroll back through their tweets for the last 24 hours. Love #superstar tweeters!:)

So I am a few hours short of making this top ten blog post on Thursday, AND i am a few items short of making it a top ten! But I decided I would let you share ten words that describe me! I appreciate these words because they served as not only definition of who I am, but they encouraged me to know how you view me!

Feisty  (Melodie)

My response: Lately my work-studies feel as though I have been a little feisty. I think it might be the real me coming out. So I say, bring it! Mel- I got some sassy pants from Bree if you need to try some on.

Dependable (Solmaz)

My response: I strive to be someone that people can depend on so to know that you view me this way is encouraging. I think this was instilled in me through my Granny. She always told me to commit and give 100% until it was finished so I took that with me. I think watching mothers like you teaches me even more about being a dependable person.

Leader (Jessie)

My response: To be honest, this is one of those I battle with. I am not always confident that I am a good leader. But the fact that you see that quality in me definitely spurs me on to be intentional with developing myself into a better leader. I hope to learn from you too Jessie!

Spiritual (Mrs. Peggy)

My response: I have definitely grown in my walk with the Lord in the last couple of years. I know that through doing Women’s Ministry and specifically with the female athletes I have been molded and shaped in my beliefs and been more comfortable in sharing my faith with others. I appreciate you for sharing Mrs. Peggy.

Organized (Clark)

My response: Thank goodness the Lord gave me the gift of administration and I get to use it daily in my job. I believe that this is probably one of those strengths that I can confidently bring to the table on whatever team I am on. I hope to become better at it every year as we plan our strategies and events to reach our campus. Thank you Clark for trusting me with this task.

Supportive (Mrs. Traci)

My response: I’ve been blessed beyond words and it would take days to tell you the stories of how my heart to support those around me has been support to me! I find joy and contentment through going to games and spending time with people. I know without doubt that the Lord used my photography skills to impact lives in a more eternal way. I am just thankful for people like you who support me and love me unconditionally!

Tamfastic (aka a good friend) (Michael)

My response: You have to be a good friend to have a good friend. I’ve been fortunate enough to have some really good friends who support me and love me and encourage me. Even thinking back to the one who gave me the nickname, Tamfastic, was someone who exemplified being a good friend. I am always learning how to be a good friend!

Talented (Nae)

My response: To God be the Glory… I am surprised that the Lord has not taken away some of the talents/skills that He gave to me because I have not always been obedient to use them (especially for His glory). I have found that in order to be a good steward of what the Lord has given me that I must use my talents to bless other people because I don’t always have the money to do so. The times I have been faithful to use my talents are usually because I have friends like you, Nae, who push me to do it!

Thanks for all of your feedback!:) I am blessed!



Top Ten Thursday!

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This week I think we should look at the TOP TEN resource websites…

10. Sermon Spice (

9. Web.AppStorm (

8. Stuff I Can Use (

7. BittBox (

6. Shift Worship (

5. Church Kreatives (

4. Planning Center (

3. Igniter Media (

2. iStockphoto (

1. Creation Swap (

Today’s top ten list is a spin off from tonight at Elevate when we used play doh to make a design for a prize. So we will stick with Things to make with Playdoh as the subject of the Top Ten List.

10. Food










9.  Cars/Trucks/Bikes

8. Science Project (ie: volcano)

7. A Playdoh movie

6. Animals

5. Family of people

4. Words

3. Jewelry

2. Cross

1. Mr. Potato Head

Today’s Top Ten list are memories from the trip to Georgia Southern with the CSU Lady Bucs Volleyball team.

10. Amanda starring at the closet door that was locked thinking it was the women’s bathroom at Olive Garden

9. S’mores @ the hotel

8. Maggie dancing and lip syncin’

7. Playing Wii with Tuesday and Coach at 223

6. All the great gear I got!

5. My first trip with the Lady Bucs Volleyball team..and my roommate, Tuesday!

4. Amberle and Kissy singing Happy Birthday to Kreg at the hotel. It was NOT his birthday!

3. Chubby Bunny – Kreg the 8 marshmellow King

2. Amy: C-O-P, Kreg: Clap!, Amy: C-O-P, Kreg: Ohhh Clop! Amy: C-O-P! Kreg: Cop!

1. Cake…what cake?

Here is a video recap of some of these memories…

It is here… CSU Fall 2010 semester is underway! We all survived the long hours and consecutive days of working non-stop for Freshman Move-in, Orientation and the first week of classes. Now that we are getting closer to a routine…

What do you want to look out? I am going to try to blog daily if time allows but each day will focus on something different so that we don’t get bored with the monotony of the daily grind AND it forces me to be stretched to think outside of the box.

Mondays  – Mindful Monday (deeper into my thoughts OR ways to be mindful of others)

Tuesdays – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words… (photography)

Wednesdays – Where am I…? (in my walk with the Lord)

Thursdays – By popular demand…Top Ten Thursday (things 2 check out, things 2 do, people 2 meet, songs 2 hear, etc)

Fridays – Fan Page (talking about TV shows)

Saturdays – Simply Sports (Learning a sport, CSU sports, Christian Competitiveness)

Sundays – Will be my Sabbath (or Catch up day).