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What do you think about all the ONES in today’s date? Below are some of the people I follow on Twitter and the tweets they posted today about 1.11.11.

@jason_mraz 1.11.11 is five. High Five everybody!

@louiegiglio 1/11/11…. A unique day of new beginnings. “Do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing!” Isa. 43:18

@alvinreid Hannah’s amazing 1-11-11 cake. AMAZING

@mattlipan thousands of people make wish on 1.11.11. Verizon grants.

@FCAnews Today is 1-11-11, let’s take 1 minute to pray for 11 people for a total of 11 minutes.

@1nicolebromley Today is National #HumanTrafficking Awareness Day. Let’s each do our part to #endslavery.

@tristasutter Time to tackle the day. Happy 1.11.11!

@a_love 1/1/11 …Excited to see what will go down today =)

@mrskutcher Today’s the 2nd marker of this special yr of 1’s 1 11 11 Seize the opportunity 2 connect elevate &overcome thru the intention of becoming 1!

@shelleygiglio RT @granthubbard: Happy release day @kpstanfill 1.11.11!! // YEAH!!!!

What would your tweet say about today’s date being 1.11.11? We saw a lot of tweets on 1.1.11. and we’ll probably see a few more on 11.11.11. Does the number 1 mean anything to you?