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I’ve not been bloggin’ lately because I have not been quite sure what to talk about. I have been going, seeing and doing. I have been having lots of fun and many down moments alike. Work was going steady before but it’s almost in super speed now as we race against the clocks to meet deadlines on paper and in our hearts.

So I guess to stay true to the theme of Manic Monday I guess it would be silly for me to not talk about that, huh?

What has been so manic about this Monday?

Well most days (especially Mondays) I walk in and sit down to make a to-do list for the day and some times the week. This is what it looked like today.

Keep in mind I have a meeting this Thursday which is when most of these things have to be done or reported on! YIKES. So in effort to complete these in a timely manner my boss shut my office door and put this note on the door.🙂

I worked straight through the normal lunch hour and then realized I was getting hungry because it was 1:30 p.m. Whoops! But good thing is that many of the loose ends are getting tightened and some of the projects are beginning very smoothly.

Want a taste…?

Aside from the projects happening in the office with the inspiration of Pandora Radio or Hulu, I have a mind that is running 85 mph. I am thinking about my Birthday weekend what I am planning to do for that. I think my parents might be coming down for the night to celebrate. I have a meeting this Saturday with the Creative Team from church. Do I really have time to go to Mt. Pleasant Friday morning to support the Summit Praise Band on His Radio? I need to get my workout in. How about when am I hanging out with the girls? Excited because Ashley comes back on Sunday which means I’ve got to get things in order to free up time for the Riverdogs game. Oh and wait what about the summer goals I set like walking the bridge? And will I ever get a date. Man! I need to eat better.  Dang, Bachelorette comes on in just a few minutes and I am still sitting in my office writing this. Ha! Those are just a few of the thoughts running through my head on this Manic Monday.